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Workplace Conduct Webinars

Workplace conduct training encompasses two very different sides of behaviors. Business etiquette comprises the rules that govern polite interactions between two or more people. Business ethics comprises the rules that govern the rights and responsibilities business people have with respect to each other and the companies they work for.

HRDQ-U provides training events that cover the various aspects of workplace conduct to help organizations define and enforce policies that insure business and personal relationships are fair and equitable.

Appropriate workplace conduct refers to actions and demeanor that are acceptable at a place of employment. The effects of inappropriate conduct can be far-reaching and have a negative impact on the individual, manager, or the entire organization. We have identified some of the behaviors and policies, which affect workplace conduct:

Dealing with Conflict

Since a little conflict is inevitable, how you manage employee conduct can have the biggest impact on your organization. It is essential you create an environment that encourages good performance while dealing with grievances and misconduct effectively.

Compliance and Ethics

All employees must protect a company’s legality. We expect employees to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our company’s finances, products, partnerships and public image.

Respect in the Workplace

All employees should respect their colleagues. Discriminatory behavior, harassment, bullying or victimization must be confronted. To demand integrity and professionalism in the workplace from your employees, those same traits must be instilled by managers and supervisors.

Business Etiquette

All employees should treat company property, whether material or intangible, with respect and care. No one should misuse company equipment or use it frivolously. All employees must follow our dress code and personal appearance guidelines.

Publish a Policy

No matter if you work in a busy office, open jobsite, or from home – every company should have a written policy to define the conditions, expectations, and consequences of workplace conduct. This can be considered a starting point for setting up your terms of employment, but it also establishes guidelines for behavior.