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Live on: February 21, 2024
Develop the essential skills for identifying key relationships and building alliances, and gain tools to enhance motivation within your teams.

This year, 22,778 people attended our webinars presented by leading experts, all inspired to help you take on change, implement strategies for growth, learn how to be even more inclusive, communicate more effectively, lead with confidence, and be driven change-makers both personally and professionally.

There are two different developmental approaches that can be taken to improve oneself or others.

Redefine leadership excellence by learning how to develop leadership character, and set yourself apart from bad leaders by being a great one.

This post will look at what it means to stay in your comfort zone and just how anxiety keeps you there, stopping you from trying new things and stopping you from taking necessary risks and actions to achieve your goals and dreams.

The world can seem like a cruel place sometimes.

Discover how to be aware of those around you, show respect, and appreciate individuals and their unique qualities to establish belonging.
To help leaders become part of the solution to improve mental wellness in the workplace, we need to look beyond common leadership and emotional intelligence training into the very core of human decision making.
In this innovative webinar, we illuminate the harmonious merger of AI and Emotional Intelligence with 5 successful strategies.
Learn why EQ is important during the rise of AI. Learn how EQ shapes resilient leaders, fosters creativity, and drives engagement and ethics.
Discover the synergy of AI and emotional intelligence in leadership. Improve workplace effectiveness, collaboration, and growth mindset.
AI, like any other technology, is neither good nor bad. Its benefits or drawbacks depend on the use that we make of it. This webinar is a must attend both for individual contributors and leaders who want to have a framework that allows them and their organizations to benefit from
Explore the power of empathy as a leadership skill in this blog by Lisa. Learn how it impacts engagement, safety, and problem-solving
Explore the impact of social-emotional learning for leaders in addressing emerging crises and enhancing effectiveness in this webinar.
As an empathetic leader, you are specifically charged with acknowledging the value of difference and its impact on diversity and connection. In this post, Lisa Ike-Alvarez speaks about four essential components that may help shape your empathic leadership and boost your ability to leverage empathy in your work contexts. In


You’ve probably heard of intelligence quotient, or IQ. It’s a metric used to gauge how “smart” someone is. IQ may indicate skills like pattern recognition, book smarts, advanced logic, and comprehension, but it doesn’t indicate capacity for empathy, the ability to relate to others, or overall capacity for building successful relationships. That metric is a bit less defined, but no less important. It’s called “emotional intelligence,” or EQ, and ensuring your employees understand this concept is foundational to workplace and organizational productivity. EQ can affect how teams communicate, collaborate, and more.

How Do You Teach Emotional Intelligence?

It may sound like a daunting subject to train for—how do you teach someone foundational qualities of empathy, respect, and understanding? The good news is that it’s possible. It starts with encouraging individual exploration and embedding self-awareness.

Understanding our own core values, motivators, and personality traits can be a great way to work toward an understanding of the same in others. When employees know their emotional strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, they are better equipped to approach tough situations, problem solve constructively, and create positive relationships.

Personality assessments like Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and Enneagram all provide helpful guidance on an individual personality level. HRDQ also offers many personality style assessments to help employees understand how they’re showing up at work and in life. When beginning to explore emotional intelligence webinars, consider implementing some form of foundational assessment to help get the ball rolling.

Making Emotional Intelligence Applicable

Self-awareness can feel esoteric and intangible if it’s not paired with real-world applications. As you cultivate self-awareness, you can also present real-world scenarios so employees understand their instinctive approach and then workshop how to work through them with emotional intelligence.

For instance, you need emotional intelligence in situations like

  • Working on a team
  • Solving a problem
  • Navigating a tight deadline
  • During a peer review season
  • Confronting a colleague

After watching our content on emotional intelligence, t
hink about how you can design scenarios that engage these tangible issues, and facilitate conversations with employees about how they approach situations with emotional intelligence.

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