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Leadership is the backbone of every successful organization. Creating powerful leaders across your organization increases productivity, empowers employees, challenges ideas, and ultimately improves your bottom line. HRDQ-U offers a library of leadership skills training and leadership training webinars to help you create successful leaders.

About our Leadership webinars

Our webinars on leadership will provide you:

  • an overview of the notion of leadership in general
  • help you determine how leadership applies to your professional path
  • evaluate your strengths and shortcomings
  • give you the chance to start conceptualizing practical growth strategies.

You also get knowledge on how to recognize your leadership style, command a group, and foster cooperation through tactics for resolving disputes and successfully managing changes. You also learn a number of tools and tactics during the seven seminars that will help you put your leadership abilities into practice.

What Makes an Effective Leader?

What makes a good leader, and can you actually teach ways to be a good leader? Let’s explore:

Communication: Clear communication is the foundation of quality leadership. Being able to actively listen to team members, facilitate productive conversation, clearly articulate plans and next steps, and effectively guide discussions may sound like no-brainer skills—but effective communication is an art and a science. If you can build a culture of positive, direct, and open communication, you’re well on the way to a productive culture of leadership.

Motivation: Strong leaders aren’t just excited about the work—they’re able to get their rest of their team excited, too. To improve motivation, it’s important to set tangible goals for everybody to work toward, communicate why the job matters, exhibit a positive attitude, and recognize employees for their contributions.

Empathy: The ability to understand, respect, and value each individual for their contribution to a team is an important part of leadership. Leaders can’t be leaders unless they have people to lead, so appreciating and relating to those people is absolutely essential. Encourage employees to really work toward understanding, listening to, and building off of one another to solve problems and innovate.

Foresight: Good leaders have a big-picture understanding of how the organization works. Encouraging employees to think beyond their individual tasks to understand how those tasks ladder up to the whole of your organizational objectives is crucial. This kind of thinking can also lead to innovative solutions that may have been missed by an individual, task-focused mentality.

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