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ROI Training Webinars

Learn how to define engagement and its importance in the workplace, how to measure employee engagement, and make a plan for your organization.

We live in a time when maintaining an organization’s reputation and brand is a constant challenge, especially as organizations seek to retain current customers while attracting new ones, all while keeping employees engaged and driving results ­– often transforming engagement practitioners into change agents.

There is probably no other topic more frequently discussed in human resources than employee engagement.

Learning and development teams in 2024 will be guiding their organizations in the evolution of their learning and data ecosystems.

Learn how to craft Level 2 training test questions: From recall to application. Unlock insights for effective training programs.
Master creating Level 2 knowledge test questions: Avoid common pitfalls and enhance assessments.
Explore challenges faced by leadership development providers and organizations in driving business impact and achieving ROI.
In this informative, highly engaging webinar session, you will learn tips and best practices on how to write Level 2 quizzes and tests that produce valued data—emphasis on writing test questions that measure job application, not mere recall of facts.
Leadership development is constantly evolving. During this session, Drs. Patti & Jack Phillips will show what's involved in demonstrating the value and success of leadership development using real-world examples.
This process helps ensure you keep your work relevant, your career on track, and measured using The Phillips ROI Methodology.
Measure and achieve success in any project by implementing the six-step Show the Value process that is designed to show the value of what you do.

The Business Case for Coaching: Using Design Thinking to Deliver Results | HRDQ-U

Many economists and business executives predict a recession affecting the global economy—forcing organizational leaders to conduct comprehensive reviews of projects to cut budgets and save money.

This blog expands on instructional design and the methods to ensure the most effective and well thought-out training experience
This session dives into the five-level evaluation framework, which will provide leaders with a powerful coaching design.
Live on: February 28, 2024
Move beyond the ADDIE model training by implementing the MAGIC method to take your learners on a journey rather than a lecture for enhanced learning.


Learning & development is moving out of the cost center mindset and into profit center focus. Training is more than just a function of the organizations that must be served. It plays a vital role in how your company will approach change, new markets, and longevity. When you can connect training to profitability you’ll achieve the impact you set out to make. HRDQ-U ROI training events help you understand the return on your learning investment and gain valuable insight that can be a positive force for driving your business forward.

How do we calculate the value of training?

While seat time, test scores, attendance sheets, surveys, and completion rates can tell the story of learner activity, what future actions can be inferred from that data? How do your training outcomes directly impact your unique organizational objectives? Training professionals everywhere are feeling pressure to prove the value and impact which their training initiatives can bring to the organization. Without a proven return on investment (ROI), management buy-in and training budgets are in jeopardy.

ROI Methodology

The ROI Methodology is a scalable and systematic approach to program evaluation. Using a process model, five-level framework, and operating standards to capture performance metrics from simple satisfaction scores to financial impact, the methodology enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance of a variety of initiatives and program types. The ROI Methodology generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of the program from other influences–resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders.

A Focused Approach

With over 6,000 organizations using this process, the ROI Methodology is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world. The ROI Methodology not only provides the capability to evaluate program performance, but also improves the design of programs for optimal impact. A focused, proven and practical approach–the process is grounded in conservative standards and a cost effective approach to evaluation.

The Key Methods

Data should always tell a story, and we believe that constructing a metrics-supported narrative is crucial to the long-term success of any L&D function specifically, but also to the business they support more generally. Methods that are measurable, repeatable, actionable, reportable, relatable, and oriented to ROI are the keys for making the connection between learning and development and your business’ success.

HRDQ-U offers ROI Training events teach training and development leaders how to connect programs, processes, and projects with results, and demonstrate these results to upper management in a clear, precise, and logical way.
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