Mousify Your Instructional Design for MAGICal Results HRDQ-U Webinar

Mousify Your Instructional Design for MAGICal Results

This On-Demand event was originally presented on February 28, 2024 (60 min)


Most training designs follow the ADDIE model training. Join Lenn Millbower in a one-hour webinar and discover an improved MAGICAL model – one that is straightforward and engaging – that he applied repeatedly when he worked at Walt Disney World and for many other clients, including health care, grocery, government, and utilities. 

Writing training for Walt Disney Entertainment was fascinating: Characters, Parades, Fireworks, Leadership, Finance, Orientation, and more. It also required a more engaging approach than the normal training audience. Entertainers are not known for their ability to sit through lectures. The training programs Lenn designed had to be inspirational, memorable, and motivating. Applying his entertainment background, his Learnertainment™ methodology, and brain learning theory, Lenn developed his own methodology, explained in the acronym MAGIC. 

What is the MAGIC model training?

Message – Identifying the emotional core of the subject to be taught.

Anticipation – Thrusting the participants into the experience.

Guidance – Teaching the most critical must-know information.

Investigation – Validating and expanding on the information presented. 

Customization – Identifying and planning personal applications. 

This simple, emotion-based sequence resonates deeply with learners. It is easy to use. Classes come together quickly. They flow seamlessly and logically. Learners experience a journey, not a lecture, and leave energized to take what they learned into the real world. Join us and learn how to go beyond the ADDIE model training and create your own instructional MAGIC. 

Attendees will learn

  • To identify an emotional hook that will matter to their learners. 
  • How to sort relevant content that must be taught and discard all other content using a content identification filter. 
  • How to place relevant content into the appropriate program segments using a design template worksheet. 
  • To identify the most effective activity placement locations in their instructional design.


Lenn Millbower, the Mouse Man™ and author of Care Like a Mouse, teaches Walt Disney-inspired service, leadership, innovation, training, and success strategies. Everything Disney touched seems magical. It isn’t. It’s a method. Lenn saw that method up close. He spent 25 years at Walt Disney World as an Epcot Operations trainer, Disney-MGM Studios stage manager, Animal Kingdom opening crew, Disney Institute, Disney University, and Walt Disney Entertainment management. Now, he shares methodologies that will help you make your own magic.

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ADDIE model training

ADDIE model training

ADDIE model training



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Mousify Your Instructional Design for MAGICal Results

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