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We all communicate differently, interpret information differently, and understand things differently. So, while we all may speak the same language, often times the message can get misconstrued. Effective communication is at the core of workplace efficiency, interpersonal success, and, ultimately, an improved bottom line. With our free communication skills webinars, you can learn how to get your point across and embed foundational communication skills at every level of your organization.

How to Improve Communication

Self-awareness and interpersonal awareness are at the center of effective communication. To communicate well, you must understand your own communication style, the communication style of the people you are speaking to, and how both of these styles work together.

For example, if your older colleague prefers to talk through edits on the phone while you prefer to email at your convenience, you need to understand these differences and find a way to work around them. You can say, “I know that I prefer to email, but Jeff calls me every time I email him… if I want to be successful on this project, I will call Jeff when I need feedback.” Having this level of awareness helps employees navigate the different personalities, preferences, and styles in the workplace.

So how do you build that awareness? Our communication training webinars are a great place to start!

Top Communication Skills for Workplace Success

Here are some essential communication skills for the workplace and beyond:

It may sound self-evident, but many times when we communicate with others, we’re too busy thinking about what we want to say that we don’t even bother to listen to the person we’re talking to. Active listening helps you to understand where the other person is coming from and creates a productive conversation.

It’s hard to fully engage with a conversation if you’re already set on the outcome. Keep an open mind, especially when going into scenarios where you think you know the answer. Being open to feedback and new ideas helps boost team creativity and problem-solving skills, while also helping everyone feel valued for their ideas and opinions.

When you’re communicating, remember that no one can read your mind. People won’t understand what you meant—they’ll understand what you said. Communicate clearly, slowly and intentionally. Make sure your thoughts are formulated before you start talking. If you’re drafting written communication, read it over to ensure it makes sense before sending.

To avoid misinterpreting a conversation, it’s always helpful to repeat back what you understood or took away from the dialogue. For example: “Just to clarify, Susan, you expect these edits by 4 p.m. on Tuesday in tracked changes?” This confirmation helps to ensure you and your colleague are on the same page, and it helps you to remember what was discussed.

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