Sensitivity Is a Necessary Leadership Skill

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If you exhibit a heightened sensitivity toward others in everything you do, you have one of the most desired traits of a true leader. The ability to understand a person’s complex wants and needs and to direct them in a way that’s good for all requires a certain amount of sensitivity. This leadership skill should not be overlooked.

When you’re sensitive to others, it doesn’t mean that you worry about what people think of you; rather, it involves an instinctual awareness of what’s happening concerning the thoughts of others. It’s a certain wavelength that you’re on which can help you realize another’s true potential.

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Sensitivity and Awareness Are Important Leadership Skills

Being able to gauge the reactions of others heightens your awareness experience and can help get feedback you never would have if you were less sensitive. But beware – it can also provide feedback or criticism that you may not like. Whatever the outcome, you’ll know more because of your sensitivity.

Sensitivity in leaders can also bring authenticity to yourself. Followers and others who work with you or have close contact will tend to see you as a leader who manages his or her emotions and maintains a realness that others appreciate and admire.

Studies have found that super-high achievers are highly sensitive to others and are optimistic about the world and people around them. But they’re also able to take negative feedback and learn from it. It’s a method achievers use to more effectively meet their goals.

Leaders who love learning and being sensitive to others provide learning experiences that can be both gratifying and lead to success. Leaders are always improving themselves, and that self-improvement desire means that you’re open to criticism and will use it to better your circumstances.

Awareness as a Leadership Skill

Awareness of both your strengths and your weaknesses helps balance your personality and also helps you understand the world around you. Without an acute sensitivity, you may not be able to see your weaknesses – especially as others see them.

It also helps to develop sensitivity to others so that you can encourage and give them feedback in the right way. If you try to criticize in a way that discourages or hurts feelings, you won’t be able to develop this crucial trait of a true leader.

Women are often viewed as more sensitive than men, but men are viewed as stronger. Men and women should pay attention to the softer and the stronger sides of their personalities so they can exude the delicate balance needed to become true leaders.

Sensitivity and awareness are important skills for every leader to have. Sensitivity training for leaders Legacy Leadership Competency Inventory teaches participants the skills they need to become great leaders who create a legacy for themselves right now. Begin today and create your legacy. Use code LEGACY15 for 15% OFF at checkout.

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Brenda Chaddock

Brenda Chaddock works globally as a facilitator, mentor, teacher, and speaker, bringing to her work years and layers of education and experience in people development and living with vision. With a background in health care, adult education, leadership, and family business transition, Brenda has worked privately, publicly, and with government and corporate clients both nationally and internationally for the past 40 years. Currently, through Limitless Leadership International, Brenda mentors and facilitates leadership development and practice. From a mindset that we have the opportunity to consciously be lifelong students of leadership, the journey is a pathway from study to success to significance. With a profound belief that together we are stronger, her focus with her clients is for them to be all they aspire to be as leaders so that they can, collaboratively, do all they aspire to do.

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