Top Critical Skills Needed in Human Resource Management

Top Critical Skills Needed in Human Resource Management | HRDQU Blog
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Gartner Research Organization surveyed over 500 HR managers of major companies in 2021 and came up with the top seven priorities for HR leaders in 2022. Here Are The 7 Core HR Skills and Competencies Every HR Professional Must Have.

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  1. Effective communication: HR professionals must have impeccable communication skills, excellent writing skills to avoid any miscommunication, and active listening to understand others’ perspectives and bring a more honest discussion between them and the managers.
  2. Building relationships maximizes the potential of an organization and its success; in the workplace relations need a great deal of care and communication; casual relations also need attention as well as departments, so all can thrive together and act as “a glue to keep them stick together” to promote inclusion with diversity.
  3. Adaptability skills in a changing world helps managers rethink policies, be open to what is relevant and effective, and forecast needed changes through new strategies and innovations.
  4. Technological skills give managers an edge on keeping talented employees and acquiring new ones by making their jobs easier and more meaningful.
  5. Keep learning is a life-long endeavor of growth and development by knowing new trends and staying out front through continued research.
  6. Critical thinking “is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking that attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way” (Linder Elder). This is the most essential attribute of a leader, especially in HR, where hiring, negotiating, and decision-making demand it.
  7. Interpersonal relations are a highly valued soft skill of social awareness, self-management, and accountability that a leader intuitively has as a communicator and manager. Such a person consistently shows the right attitude and aptitude of respect and positive regard of others.


Many of these skills are part of our new approach to work. How can we find a way to integrate these competencies in our day-to-day collaboration?

All leaders are called to be eminently human-centered leaders in today’s important responsibility of keeping pace with the fast advancement of technology.

Written by: Judith Cardenas, PhD, RCC, and Bernard Rochon, DMin

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