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REALITY CHECK: We are hired for our skills – and fired for our behaviors

This On-Demand event was originally presented on April 30, 2024 (60 min)


This webinar hones in on potential barriers that may get in the way of your career plans and goals. Significantly, individuals can receive an “Early-Warning” of the skills, behaviors, and mindsets needed at the next level. This applies to:

  • Individual contributors – to consider the skills needed in supervisory or management roles.
  • Managers – to transition from the technical and tactical level to the strategic level.
  • High-potential leaders – to zero in on where they could potentially struggle.


The Career Roadblocks Finder has been developed with a different perspective from other tools (where the focus is on strengths). The Career Roadblocks Finder focuses on where we are most likely to fail (at achieving promotions or realizing other career opportunities).

The Career Roadblocks Finder is a scientifically sound, research-based tool. The tool conforms to the highest ethical standards and best practices. The result is that the Career Roadblocks Finder helps pinpoint specific targeted behaviors that can severely limit leader and manager effectiveness.

Through careful development, researchers have identified personal traits and skills that differentiate successful leaders from derailed leaders. These skills include:

  • Diversity of Experience
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Emotional Stability and Composure
  • Integrity
  • Handling Mistakes
  • Technical and Cognitive Skills


The Career Roadblocks Finder helps leaders and managers excel at using their talents and skills by identifying and removing these limiting behaviors, or “DERAILERS.”

This webinar offers each learner a chance to consider the SIGNALS of CAREER DERAILMENT and what this can mean for them. These signals include:

  • Loss of position, demotion, or involuntary reassignment.
  • The individual is competent in the role but displays behaviors that create “static.”
  • Perceived as lacking patience.
  • Being ineffective with teams.
  • Lacking in political savvy.
  • Problem behaviors that are knowable, manageable, and correctable become a huge barrier to further promotions IF ignored early in a career.


The webinar further helps learners understand and evaluate three levels of behavior that are can be affecting careers:

  • DERAILER – behaviors that can affect promotions or career advancement.
  • STALLER – behaviors that may be a problem at times.
  • ACCELERATOR – behaviors that demonstrate you are performing well.


The BOTTOM LINE: Learners can know what behaviors to ACCELERATE and what behaviors can cause PROBLEMS.

These key behaviors are organized for the learner around these domains and scales:

Attendees will learn

  • How to evaluate three levels of behavior that can affect your career.
  • The signals of career derailment and what this can mean for you.
  • How career problems can arise whether you are an individual contributor, a high-potential manager, or a leader.
  • How self-management as well as work-related behaviors can develop into problems.
  • The behaviors that can be “accelerated” for your career success.


Dan Parks is a business and economic development strategist with over thirty years of experience consulting with sectors including corporate, manufacturing, banking-financial services, small-to-midsize high-growth companies, and government/economic development organizations. Much of Dan’s strategic work has focused on leadership/individual development, organizational development, and innovation. Dan worked with NC State University for over 25 years. One of the key roles Dan filled was the Senior Director of Strategy & Innovation in the Office of Outreach & Engagement (O&E).

Prior to joining NC State University, Dan was an entrepreneur in the banking/software industry. He operated and sold two companies. In the corporate sector, Dan has worked with firms including LabCorp, UTC Aerospace, UBS Financial Services, and Cross Company. He has consulted with over 200 small-to-midsize/high-growth companies. For 14 years, Dan served as an instructor for the Love School of Business at Elon University – where he delivered SymmeTree™, a business simulation he co-developed.

Dan has co-developed a series of web-based products (including The Business SMARTS Suite™, Group Lead™, and The Career Roadblocks Finder™). Dan recently co-authored the book and assessment, Your Entrepreneurial EDGE™. Across the US, Dan has led strategic planning for the National Association of Small Business Development Centers and has helped develop strategic plans in over 20 different states for Small Business Development Centers.

A native of Greensboro, NC, Dan lives there happily with his wife, Bonnie.

Connect with Dan at and by email at

Barry Phillips, a co-owner of Archetype Learning LLC, is an associate of the Institute of Bankers in United Kingdom.  He spent 33 years as a career banker (culminating in 12 years based in Arabian Gulf countries), including establishing branch offices and coordinating multi-million dollar credit facilities for multi-national organizations. In the USA, he worked for over 20 years for the NC SBTDC as a business consultant. After retirement, he remains active on the board of an NFP company, a home owner’s board, and volunteers for an Orange County committee on food recycling.

Barry is the co-author of a business simulation that embodies a range of management skills and addresses a range of practical business issues. He is also a co-developer of a series of assessments designed to (1) assist individuals in understanding critical choices in career decisions and personal development and (2) assist organizations in identifying and rectifying business processes and group behaviors.

Barry is an active Rotarian and he was the District Governor (2007-2008) for Rotary District 7710. In his spare time, Barry enjoys watercolor painting, reading, gardening, listening to music, and playing tennis – but not necessarily in that order!

Barry and his wife Diana and their dog live in Hillsborough NC.



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