Trust Building® as Tonic for Toxic Workplaces | Recorded Webinar

Trust Building as Tonic for Toxic Workplaces

This On-Demand event was originally presented on September 16, 2020 (60 min)


Toxic workplaces are obviously unhealthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to leaders and their employees. There is also a heavy financial cost. One in five Americans have left their jobs in the past five years due to a toxic workplace. This cost is an estimated $223 billion in recruitment, according to a recent SHRM report on workplace culture.

A toxic workplace culture is the result of multiple layers of broken trust and betrayals starting with top leadership. 76% of people surveyed say their manager sets the culture. When a leader is self-serving, throws a tantrum, yells and screams at his/her people, they set the stage for an unhealthy and unproductive work environment. People will respond by doing what they have to to get by and/or they leave for another job. The company and leadership do not get the best that people can offer.

What is not so obvious is that these workplaces are often the result of the accumulation of minor, unintentional betrayals that add up and become major betrayals. These betrayals may not get addressed, but they do not get unnoticed. Small but hurtful situations accumulate over time into confidence-busting, commitment-breaking, energy-draining patterns. What is important is how you respond.

No matter your vantage point, this working session offers a proven process to heal pain, rebuild trust, and renew the spirit of relationships. This compassionate, practical approach will help you reframe the experience, take responsibility, forgive, let go, and move on. You will feel safe to give yourself and your organization your best thinking, highest intention, calculated risk-taking, and creativity.

Attendees will learn

  • The specific steps to rebuild trust in your professional and personal relationships, particularly during these challenging times.
  • A scientific approach to restoring trust and renewing the vitality of your relationships.
  • The accumulative effect of small ways trust is broken and that 90% of broken trust is unintentional.
  • 2-3 opportunities to rebuild trust where needed and grow your trustworthy leadership.
  • How Rebuilding Trust is key to transforming trust and creating a workplace where people want to work and want to produce.


Reina Trust Building® clients are universal in expressing the need for trust in the workplace has never been greater! Leaders are feeling the stress and consequences of rapid changes that are challenging to keep pace with and make sense of. Many of the changes are new—heightened safety protocols, increased layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts, and changes to working relationships and workplace dynamics.

In organizations where trust is high, leaders who display strong character, communicate honestly and often, and trust their and their employees’ skills and capabilities will thrive in these challenging times. Conversely, in organizations where trust is vulnerable or regularly eroded, behavior and productivity look markedly different, as do business results.

Trust can be earned and strengthened during these difficult times in a way that will define your “new future.” The work will get done well through relationships, and effective relationships are built on trust—trust of character, of communication and of capability. It begins with you. We look forward to exploring with you, the positive impact of building a trust-based culture at work.

Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina are the pioneers of trust building in the workplace and for 30 years their global firm Reina Trust Building® has been acknowledged as the World’s #1 Trust Building® Specialists. The leaders and teams Reina supports are communicating better, being more inclusive, attracting more talent, posting higher earnings, reducing unplanned turnover, measuring higher engagement, and building stronger trusting relationships. As a result, Reina helps these organizations achieve faster growth, confident leadership, stronger teams and soaring profits through a research-based, proven and practical approach, a unique suite of psychometrically valid and reliable assessments, and powerful developmental tools—all centered around trust building.

Reinas’ recognition and awards include the Global Strategic Leadership Award at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai, India. Their client list is a “who’s-who” in finance, technology, medicine, education, pharma, entertainment, public service, and many other sectors. A sampling of clients are: American Express, Astra Seneca, Ben & Jerry’s, CNN, Gulf, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, Lincoln Financial, MillerCoors, Qantas, Starbucks, Toyota, US Army, US Treasury, Visa, Voya Financial, and Walt Disney World.  Their thought leadership has been valued by readers of The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg’s Business Week, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Harvard Management Update, Inc, Time, USA Today, and CNN, BBC and CNBC TV and radio.


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Reina Trust Building

As business leaders, in-demand speakers, consultants, workshop leaders, and executive coaches, Drs. Dennis and Michelle Reina co-founded Reina Trust Building® to specialize in measuring, developing, and restoring workplace trust globally. They have co-authored two award-winning, best-selling books: Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace (3rd ed) and Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace.

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Trust Building as Tonic for Toxic Workplaces

“This webinar was very informative and inspiring as well. It addressed a critical concern that greatly affects the success of any organization. Thanks.”

—Christine S.

Trust Building as Tonic for Toxic Workplaces

“This was a great topic to share and was presented very well. I like the voting poll where participants were able to vote on questions. The overall survey showed a majority of people felt the same way. Thank you!”

—Stacey S.

Trust Building as Tonic for Toxic Workplaces

“I loved the amount of interaction included in the webinar and the discussion about the polls and other input in real time. I also appreciated the links to the various tools and additional trainings and discussions.”

—Michelle K.


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