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How to Build Resilience for Turbulent Times: Renewal, Stamina, and Agility



You are all resilient already; acknowledge that you have been resilient to get to this place (good news!) and that there will be more need to mobilize your resilience in the future (bad news!). But it is possible to improve your understanding of behaviors and mindsets that increase resilience in individuals, teams, and organizations. This session will help you discover your current level of resilience and tune up and activate the components of resilience in yourself, your team, and your organization.

We will use a “map” to understand the big picture of transition. We will focus on five components/actions/behaviors/mindsets research has identified that people use to do well during times of change and transition. You’ll have an opportunity to self-assess your current capacity for resilience and hear examples of others. You’ll then be able to determine how you can use your personal capacity as a springboard for thinking about how to enhance your organization’s ability to thrive throughout turbulence.


Attendees will learn

  • To see the big picture of the need to increase resilience.
  • How to self-assess and discover your current level of resilience.
  • To identify five components/actions/behaviors/mindsets, research has identified that people do well during change and transition.
  • To engage and think about how you can enhance your personal capacity.
  • How to enhance your team’s capacity and increase resilience to thrive in the turbulent future.

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Dr. Cynthia Scott is the Founder of ChangeworksLab ⇗ and has focused her work on supporting leaders to create conditions where change is easier and sustainable. She is focused on how we can create resilience to move into a regenerative future. Cynthia has been a lifelong social entrepreneur, consultant, and author, applying behavioral science to help individuals and organizations thrive. Her pioneering programs, models, and tools have helped to accelerate adaption to change and transform cultures to help people thrive. She has provided thought leadership in the areas of personal and organizational change, burnout prevention, and personal performance improvement.

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