Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience (Part 2)

Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience (Part 2)

Resilience Gets Stronger Adding Regenerative Principles  

As a lifelong practitioner helping people and organizations navigate change, I needed some refreshed inspiration for work with resilience. We need resilience more than ever as we navigate elevated uncertainty and change. What I discovered was an emerging field of regenerative theories and research coming from biologists, anthropologists, economists, and sociologists about how to use what nature “knows” to shape our life and environments in ways that support resilience.  Taking the long view, nature has had 3.8 billion years of experience with adapting ecosystems to thrive!  This is a vast store of innovation, prototyping and failure which can provide guidance and inspiration for how to lead, manage, live and work in this time of profound transition and transformation.  

As I look at the work, I have done guiding leaders and organizations through change and transformation.  I am asking myself-how might this regenerative wisdom be applied to individuals, teams, organizations and communities to provide a fresh path forward?  

To explore this question, I am participating in a yearlong Regenerative Leadership course with Laura Storm who is guiding 300+ people from all over the world to explore these questions from a broad range of frameworks. We are examining our assumptions about resilience with a fresh lens, looking at ways “resilience” manifests in nature adapting these basic principles that “nature” uses in designing life. 

We are using a set of principles drawn from Regenerative Leadership (Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm 2019) in our work with sessions with leaders who want more resilient cultures, and to  meet customers and employees who want more flexibility, shared coherence, connection and meaning in their work and personal lives. 

The following Basic Principles of Logic of Life provide a framework for asking different kinds of questions and having spirited conversations about how they might create new cultures, structures and leadership values.  

  1. Life creates conditions for more life to thrive.
  2. Life is ever-changing, responsive and adaptive. 
  3. Life is a web of Relational and Interconnected networks. 
  4. Life gains vitality from diversity. 
  5. Life is cyclical and rhythmical. 
  6. Life is a constant flow of energy and matter. 
  7. Life honors place, history, people, culture, context. 


>>Learn more at the webinar: Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience

With a recent leaders offsite meeting I sued these principles to examine their levels of resilience in thinking about how to create a more resilient culture.  

  1. How might you create conditions that allow more life to thrive in your work, organization, community?  
  2. How has your organization responded and adapted to change in the past?  What did you learn that might help you now? (Challenge and Change) 
  3. How are we fostering and supporting interconnected webs of relationships (Connection) 

In addition to the focus on organizational factors I am finding these principles provocative to exploring to help people at work create personal balance of coherence, patience, abundance and self-care practices in line with personal regeneration. For all of us who have been navigating these multiple changes many of us have put tending our personal ecosystem in the second place, leaving us open to cycles of burnout, exhaustion and depletion. The principles of nature can provide us with a familiar invitation to attend to our lives with nature as an inspiring teacher.  

I’m looking forward to sharing some of my experiences in the upcoming session Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience June 29, 2022.  (link to register) 

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