Controlling the Haunted Creatures in your Classroom

Controlling the Haunted Creatures in your Classroom



In the spirit of Halloween, let’s conjure up the training tricksters and presentation poltergeists and meet monsters that spark terror in the hearts of most stalwart trainers, facilitators, and team leaders: the haunted creatures in your classroom.

In this timely, humorous presentation, Lenn Millbower, The Mouse Man™, and a 25-year Walt Disney World training veteran share his list of the ghastliest ghouls we trainers, facilitators, and team leaders must confront and offers his Disney inspired strategies for preventing the mutilation of your message. Join us as we conjure up some Disney-inspired magic to control the haunted creatures in your classroom.

Attendees will learn

  • How to identify disruptive dementors waiting to pounce during presentations.
  • How to stage environments of maximum positivity to extinguish evil thoughts.
  • How to turn scary stories into happy endings that melt monster hearts.
  • How to harness interactivity to draw ghosts from the shadows into the light.
  • Learn overall Disney inspired strategies to enhance your classroom.


Lenn Millbower, the Mouse Man™ and author of Care Like a Mouse, teaches Walt Disney-inspired service, leadership, innovation, training, and success strategies. Everything Disney touched seems magical. It isn’t. It’s a method. Lenn saw that method up close. He spent 25 years at Walt Disney World as an Epcot Operations trainer, Disney-MGM Studios stage manager, Animal Kingdom opening crew, Disney Institute, Disney University, and Walt Disney Entertainment management. Now, he shares methodologies that will help you make your own magic.

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disney inspired

disney inspired

disney inspired


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