Storied Learning: Strategies, Examples, and Tools to Put the Power of Stories to Work

Storied Learning: Strategies, Examples, and Tools to Put the Power of Stories to Work

This On-Demand event was originally presented on January 22, 2020 (60 min)


“The shortest distance between two people is a story,” according to Terrence Gargiulo, former Chief Storyteller of Accenture. Stories are an integral part of how we communicate, learn, and think. They help us understand complex ideas, relate to others, and remember important information. However, it is not always clear how to effectively tap into the endless supply of “storied fueled” learning.

To address this, Gargiulo, founder of, will show participants new ways of putting the natural power of stories to work. He will go behind the “learning and performance” scene of two Fortune 500 companies to show how story-based learning strategies help organizations leverage the power of stories to improve communication, promote learning, drive success, and enable unexpected performance.

Attendees will learn

  • Five counter-intuitive ways to use stories to stimulate learning.
  • To break down the mechanics of how stories can be used to design, deliver, and measure learning initiatives.
  • What’s behind the “learning and performance” scene of two Fortune 500 companies’ integration of story-based learning strategies.
  • A new tool to share with learners in your organization.
  • Five storied learning strategies you can start using today.
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Storied Learning: Strategies, Examples, and Tools to Put the Power of Stories to Work


Terrence Gargiulo leads the global storytelling consultancy He is the former Chief Storyteller of Accenture and the author of eight books. His article, “The Power of Stories: Personalizing the Learning Connection,” was awarded the 2018 Editor’s Choice Award from Training Industry Magazine. For his creative use of narrative, INC Magazine awarded Gargiulo with their Marketing Master Award. His work as an internationally recognized organizational development consultant earned him the 2008 HR Leadership Award from the Asia Pacific HRM Congress for his ground-breaking research on story-based communication skills.



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“I am in awe of Terrence’s wealth of wisdom, humble way of sharing, and obvious concern for the learning of others – good stuff!”

Graham W.
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“This was very different from what I am used to. I will try it in my future presentations. He did an excellent job with the examples he presented. Thanks!”

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“He is a must-hear! Thank you all so much for organizing this presentation.”

Tameka B.
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