Be a Strategic Advisor: How to Lead without Formal Authority

Be a Strategic Advisor: How to Lead without Formal Authority

This On-Demand event was originally presented on November 8, 2023 (60 min)


Often without formal authority, L&D and HR leaders struggle to get other departments and executive leaders to move initiatives forward within the larger organization. Despite being responsible for fostering a culture of growth and development, HR and L&D functions are seen as order takers rather than true strategic advisors. This results in struggling to get resources and buy-in from the larger organization for true permanent change. By understanding the barriers and following best practices in this webinar, change leaders can create the presence and partnership they need to be seen as a strategic advisor.

In this webinar, Be a Strategic Advisor: How to Lead without Formal Authority, Chris Wong will provide actionable strategies for leaders to be truly seen as strategic advisors among the executive leaders. In a time when learning and HR budgets are being trimmed, this is even more important to justify the business need.

Attendees will learn

  • How to reframe influence and trust.
  • The 5 barriers every HR and L&D leader faces working across organizations.
  • How to build social capital.
  • How to appropriately manage expectations.
  • How to think holistically.
  • The approach you need to use to be fully seen as a strategic advisor.


Chris Wong is a licensed therapist, certified executive coach, and Founder/Owner of Leadership Potential, where he helps leaders develop confident communication skills in challenging situations and relationships. Chris has helped countless professionals navigate complex situations with confidence and achieve exceptional results. He has worked in the nonprofit space creating and implementing leadership and organizational development initiatives to foster a strong leadership pipeline within the organization.

Certified as an executive coach, he works with human service nonprofit executives to create engaged and human-centric workforces so they can focus on the impact they want to have. This includes helping leaders navigate difficult conversations, resolve conflicts, create high performing cultures, enhance productivity, and cultivate an inclusive and equitable work environment. Chris’ expertise spans diverse areas, including leadership development, strategic planning, leading change, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Be a Strategic Advisor: How to Lead without Formal Authority
Leadership Potential

I work with small to mid-sized HR and business leaders to help them get out of the weeds and get more strategic in their roles.  I offer coaching, training, and consultation, and help leaders get things done.

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Be a Strategic Advisor: How to Lead without Formal Authority
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