Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Chris Wong started his career as a direct care staff member for adolescents in a psychiatric inpatient hospital. He enjoyed working with the youth so much that he went to Boston University School of Medicine, where he received his Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine. After graduating, he worked as a licensed therapist in a variety of settings, including an adolescent residential treatment center, outpatient clinics, and mobile crisis evaluations in the Boston and Cambridge area.

In 2016, he started work as a training manager at a non-profit child welfare agency, developing and facilitating trainings to support staff around clinical interventions, cultural humility, and any needed training support for programs. In 2019, he moved into a new role as Director of Employee Learning and Development, where he oversees leadership and career development for the organization. This includes training and coaching for leaders at all levels of the organization to both strengthen and build a leadership pipeline.

Chris is a certified executive coach and works with HR and L&D leaders on difficult conversations, conflict resolution, building powerful relationships, leadership development, productivity, leading change, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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