From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay In Demand

From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand

This On-Demand event was originally presented on July 12, 2023 (60 min)


As we rapidly advance into the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), it’s not unusual to encounter apprehension about what these technological advancements mean for our future careers. Will AI take over our jobs? Or will it create new, unimaginable opportunities? If you have these questions, you’re not alone. But it’s time to shift the narrative – from fearing AI to embracing and leveraging it. Learn more about this in our AI webinar. We invite you to join our engaging and insightful AI webinar: “From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand.” Our objective? To help you better understand the impact of AI on the job market, highlight the key skills you need to stay in demand and transform your perception of AI from fear to excitement.

Throughout this session, we’ll dive into the fundamentals of AI and ML and discuss how they’re reshaping industries and the workplace as we know it. This webinar isn’t about turning you into a data scientist or a developer – it’s about empowering you with knowledge and a set of soft and hard skills to adapt, remain relevant, and seize the opportunities that AI offers. We’ll explore key skills that will not only help you coexist with AI but also use it as a powerful tool to accelerate your career. We’ll also spotlight real-world examples of organizations successfully integrating AI, emphasizing the critical role of human-AI collaboration.

This AI webinar is perfect for professionals across all industries, as well as students and lifelong learners looking to future-proof their careers. Whether you’re a manager trying to understand how AI can optimize your team’s performance, an employee wanting to elevate your skill set, or a job seeker trying to anticipate the job market’s needs – this webinar is for you. Join us to learn, grow, and transform your AI fear into excitement. Let’s embrace the future together and ensure we’re all equipped with the skills to thrive in this new AI-driven era. By the end of this session, you’ll walk away with actionable insights, resources, and a roadmap to enhance your professional development in the age of AI.

Let’s move forward, evolve, and stay in demand in this dynamic digital landscape. Don’t let fear hold you back. Instead, let’s ride the wave of AI and ML with excitement and confidence!

Attendees will learn

  • To understand AI and its impact. Grasp the basic principles of AI and ML and comprehend their potential impacts on various industries and professions. Discern the difference between common myths and realities about AI in the job market.
  • How to identify key skills. Learn about the blend of hard and soft skills that will be crucial in the AI-driven future. These skills will range from emotional intelligence and creativity to data literacy and computational thinking.
  • To embrace AI in the workplace. Discover strategies for integrating and leveraging AI in your work environment, regardless of your role or industry. Understand how AI can enhance rather than replace human talent.
  • How to explore real-world AI applications. Analyze case studies from organizations that have successfully integrated AI into their operations. This real-world lens will provide context and practical examples of how AI can be applied and the kind of results it can produce.
  • To craft a personal roadmap. Develop a roadmap for upskilling or reskilling to stay competitive in an AI-driven job market. You’ll walk away from the webinar with actionable insights and resources to future-proof your career.
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From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand


Olia Stasiuk, a certified Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) and Harvard Business School alumna, is the dynamic founder of four enterprises, including 360 Transformers and Transformers Academy. As a seasoned author, Olia merges her fervor for education and personal development with her mission to enhance lives and careers, contributing to her diverse portfolio of success.

Her career spans various global companies where she has instituted progressive employee experience and development strategies, consistently amplifying operational efficiency. Currently, her focus is on leveraging technology and innovation, conducting pioneering research on the influence of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence on adult soft skills in the workplace.

Olia’s accolades extend to being a 2023 LearningElite Judge and holding distinguished certifications from esteemed institutions, including Cambridge University (The Neuropsychology of Decision-Making), Cornell University (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Building a Diverse Workforce), and TED (Public Speaking).

An 8x half-marathoner and adrenaline enthusiast, she delights in skydiving, bungee jumping, and ATVs, drawing energy from such thrilling pursuits. Her book, From 0 to ABS in 66 days: Or, How a Simple Word “BUT” Can Turn Your Life Upside Down, stands as a testament to her limit-defying spirit. Her collection of mini-plane models mirror her love for travel, while her infectious passion, positivity, and achievement-laden career continually inspire others.

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From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand
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From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand

“The webinar was very informative on the impacts of the new AI revolution in our careers and in the industries, and how to prepare for it and stay on top of things.”

– Cyrus M.

From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand

“The presenter was engaging and easy to listen to. The topic was very interesting and I learned a lot. I will definitely be attending more webinars in the future.”

– Arielle T.

From AI Fear to Excitement: Skills to Develop to Stay in Demand

“Today’s session was very informative, and I will now do my own research on AI.”

– Donna W.


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