You Can Teach Anyone to Innovate

You Can Teach Anyone to Innovate

This On-Demand event was originally presented on January 20, 2010 (60 min)


The world we live in today is highly competitive and fast-paced. In order to stay relevant and successful, organizations must constantly innovate and adapt to changing circumstances. It’s not just the leaders who need to be innovative – every member of the organization needs to embrace innovation and actively contribute to it.

In this context, author Ron Roberts is hosting a webinar that focuses on teaching the audience to be innovative. Ron will explore the differences between innovation and creativity, and provide a 7-step innovation process that can help organizations achieve and sustain success. Additionally, he will introduce some outrageously fun and effective ways to foster a culture of innovation within any organization. The webinar promises to be an insightful and engaging experience for anyone interested in innovation and its role in organizational success.

If you’re looking for more ways to increase innovation within your organization, check out Junkyard Games, a training game for employee and management development training that is co-authored by Ron Roberts. Junkyard Games help participants exercise their innovation skills as they can only use one “junk” item to create the most innovative tabletop game.

Attendees will learn

  • Innovation – what it is and why it’s crucial to organizational success.
  • What are the clear differences between innovation and creativity?
  • How to teach anyone to tap into their innovative talents.
  • Fun, exciting, and effective ways to teach people how to be innovative.
  • An easy-to-apply and internalize innovation process model.

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Junkyard Games

Innovation is crucial for organizations to succeed, whether it’s by increasing productivity, reducing costs, or accomplishing more with less. Anyone can be innovative, regardless of their profession or level of responsibility, as process improvement opportunities exist everywhere in an organization. Junkyard Games can help people learn how to be innovative and adopt a courageous attitude with regular practice.

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Ron Roberts is a recognized consultant, trainer, and author. An expert in the field of accelerated experiential learning, he has created more than 70 games, tools, and digital applications, and he holds six patents on learning technology. Ron has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, serves as the president of Action Centered Training Inc. and of ACT Games companies, and is a professor in both the Management and Communications Departments at Penn State University



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This event is sponsored by HRDQ. For 45 years HRDQ has provided research-based, off-the-shelf soft-skills training resources for classroom, virtual, and online training. From assessments and workshops to experiential hands-on games, HRDQ helps organizations improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and more.

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