Seven Steps to Eliminate Anxiety in the Workplace

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7 Steps to eliminate anxiety in the workplace webinar

Seven Steps to Eliminate Anxiety in the Workplace

This On-Demand event was originally presented on December 6, 2023 (60 min)


Are you successful in your career and have the expected things in life? Despite this, do you find that your happiness, relationships, and health are so often sacrificed? Do you find the core areas in your life are frequently undermined by feelings of workplace anxiety, self-doubt, and high levels of stress to perform, often bringing up deep, painful emotions from their past? Do these thoughts lead to blow-ups at home or at work? Is your workplace anxiety costing you too much, and you can’t continue like this? Would you do anything to reverse your anxiety in its tracks to break through the emotional and mental barriers that leave you stuck in the past to live a life of truth, fulfillment, and meaning?

Did you know that anxiety disorders are more common than you think?

Anxiety affects 23% of female adults and 14% of male adults, according to a 2017 NIMH case study. Anxiety is so common and powerful that it can affect many key areas of your life, including the relationship you have with yourself, your family and friends and others, your health and well-being, your overall personal growth, and even your financial prospects.

If you are tired of struggling to work through your emotions, anxiety, and stress, please know you are not alone. We’ve been there and understand completely how you feel. By eliminating your anxiety, you can begin to get back on the path to clarity, fulfillment, and purpose to live a life you love! Believe it or not, it is possible to move beyond this, and we can show you how with Seven Steps to Eliminating Your Anxiety.

Just for a moment, imagine living and breathing confidence where you have:

  • Eliminated the root cause of what is creating anxiety and workplace anxiety.
  • Learned proven tools to work through your emotions and never again have a blow-up at home or work.
  • Developed rock-solid confidence so that you can move forward and live a life you love.


What we have found is that having the curiosity to first become aware of your anxiety is so important to be able to look at your situation and then be open to wanting to take action. People who take this first step are considerably more likely to take action and get their anxiety under control! So many people have anxiety and fall victim to thinking that there is nothing they can do about it and that it is merely something they must live with. They feel as though there is something wrong with them, which leads them to feel an overwhelming amount of low self-confidence, self-doubt, and a spiral of unhelpful thoughts – creating a chemical imbalance in the brain.

This webinar has been created to help attendees reflect on their feelings of workplace anxiety and slowly start to be open to embrace and step into creating a new reality that is healthier and more optimistic for them. It’s so important to recognize that you are not your behavior driven by anxiety and that you have the power and control to stop anxiety in its tracks, and change your attitude towards it, how it makes you feel, and what you are capable of.

Attendees will learn

  • What anxiety is and how their relationship with anxiety in the workplace can affect multiple core focus areas of their lives.
  • What reasons led them to this point in their lives, where they are in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • How they can change their perceptions and way of thinking to stop those unhelpful emotions from coming back.
  • How to reconnect with joy and join the present moment.
  • The power of expressing your authentic self and speaking your truth.
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Seven Steps to Eliminate Anxiety in the Workplace

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Steve Brookes and his business partner, Serena Ittoo, work to help women and professionals with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and stress eliminate the root cause holding them back, enabling them to live a life they love. Steve and Serena support this transformation by providing the tools needed to help work through their clients’ emotions and develop rock-solid confidence in who they authentically are.

Steve and Serena are both Master NLP Practitioners. Through their business, Expressing Your Authentic Self, they specialize in all areas relating to self-confidence and self-esteem, and guide clients to embrace, explore, and be excited to show who they are with confidence! Steve and Serena help clients to reawaken The Confident Version of Themselves so they can begin to speak up and live and breathe the confidence they need to obtain the life they really want.

This is further supported by the skills, knowledge, and awareness Steve has gained through his own struggles and journey in life. This has helped Steve to change his life for the better as he’s become more confident, developed more skills, and has become more effective in his life and growing his business, helping more clients to transform their lives.

Serena Ittoo is from London in the United Kingdom. She is also a licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Her vision is of a world where individuals can live each and every day, creating a life in which they feel valued, balanced, and committed to maximizing their full potential and self-belief to live the life they dream of living.

Now, with all of this experience, her mission is to guide, encourage, and witness your personal transformation into the best version of you, where you can live and breathe authentic confidence without fearing the value of your worth. We can all fall victim to believing in our doubts and insecurities about ourselves sometimes; she has been there and wants you to know that you are not alone and that you are more than enough!

When you decide to commit to your key areas of focus, balance, and purpose, you start to transform the way you think and feel and develop new transformative positive habits that can help you not only overcome challenges that may have set you back in the past but also inspire you to achieve many more triumphs you never thought you could possibly achieve.

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Seven Steps to Eliminate Anxiety in the Workplace
Expressing Your Authentic Self

Our mission is to help women & professionals overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and stress to eliminate the root causes holding them back, enabling them to live a life they love. We support this transformation by providing the tools needed to help them work through their emotions and develop rock-solid confidence in who they authentically are.

We provide our transformational value by creating a tailored and practical personal development plan that is personal and right for clients to move forward FAST. This helps them to move to a place where they can make confident decisions, take action, and move forward, achieving balance, clarity, and purpose in their career, relationships, and personal life.

Learn more at Expressing Your Authentic Self

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