What TikTok Can Teach Us About Learning & Development

What TikTok Can Teach Us About Learning & Development



No matter if you’re a seasoned TikTok user, just an active “scroller,” or you’ve never opened the app,  you’ve probably heard TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms out there right now. Within just a few minutes of opening the app, you can be caught up on the latest news, learn a new recipe, or about the latest marketing trends. Content is delivered in a format that is quick, easy to digest, and engaging.

As someone who pretty much always had learning and development on the brain, when I first started learning about TikTok all I could see was a new platform for innovative microlearning. Then I got to thinking, what if we started adopting the same principles presented in the TikTok platform in everyday learning and development? Let’s face it, your learners are not always interested in digesting every portion of learning in long formats.

Even with the explosion of conversation over microlearning, we still find ourselves creating learning modules that can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes long, and learners forget just as quickly as they took the module. What if we were able to create bite-sized videos that feel approachable and get to the point—that learners watch before walking into the classroom—so classroom time can be spent applying the knowledge, answering questions, working as a group, etc.? What if we encouraged our learners to be the stars of learning? Will the organization begin to see more learners applying the skills through “social learning” and through TikTok-type videos provided by those who are out there, “boots on the ground,” applying the skill(s) day in and day out?

Attendees will learn

  • What makes a great educational TikTok video including the length, approachability, and hyper focus that encourages retention rather than just seeing something and immediately forgetting it.
  • How to create your own amazing educational TikTok videos including the tools needed, and animations and annotations you can use to enhance the learning.
  • How to apply TikTok-style videos for your next flipped classroom.
  • Recommendations for hosting and curating content that your employees create for you.
  • You will leave this webinar with a robust discussion of how you can use TikTok-type videos as a change agent in your organization to impact your organization’s culture and impact behavior change.


Vanessa Alzate is the Founder and CEO of Anchored Training. She received a BA in both Communications & Political Science from Rutgers University and an MS in Corporate & Organizational Communication from Northeastern University.  For over a decade, she has consulted with many mid-large organizations in industries ranging from pharmaceutical sales to fashion to develop training strategies tailored to each individual organization and team.

Throughout her career, Vanessa has excelled in assisting companies and individuals to expand their industry knowledge through innovative eLearning and classroom curriculum, while continuing to add consistently to her own education and training. She is passionate about keeping learners at the forefront of all learning initiatives and finding new and inventive ways to active, collaborate with, and engage learners empowering them to grow personally and professionally.

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What TikTok Can Teach Us About Learning & Development
Anchored Training

Anchored Training partners with businesses to create learning solutions for your organization that utilizes our three principles: Edutain, Activate, and Collaborate. By following our proven process to create better training, you will keep your project on time and on budget.

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to today’s webinar, What TikTok Can Teach Us About Learning and Development, hosted by HRDQ-U and presented by Vanessa Alzate.
My name is Sarah and I will moderate today’s webinar. The webinar will last around one hour. If you have any questions, please type them into the question area on your GoToWebinar control panel, and we’ll answer as many as we can during today’s session. Make sure that you look over on your control panel, where it says handouts.
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And I’m excited to introduce our presenter today, Vanessa Alzate. Vanessa is the founder and CEO of Anchored Training. She received her bachelor’s in both communications and political science from Rutgers University, an MS in corporate and organizational communication from Northeastern University for over a decade. She is consulted with many mid mid large organizations and industries ranging from pharmaceutical sales to fashion to development training strategies, tailored to each individual organization and team.
Throughout her career, Vanessa has excelled in assisting companies and individuals to expand their industry knowledge through innovative e-learning and classroom curriculum.
While continuing to add consistency to her own education and training. She is passionate about keeping learners at the forefront of all learning initiatives and finding new and inventive ways to collaborate and engage with learners empowering them to grow personally and professionally. Thank you for joining us today, Vanessa.
Absolutely. Thank you so much, Sarah, and thank you to everybody, HRD, You, for having me welcome everyone. I’m so so, so happy to be here today. We’re going to be talking all about how to use Tiktok videos as part of your aligning culture.
So if you wouldn’t mind, just, you know, bump go down to the question section of the panel and just giving me a little bit of some insight, where are we with the TikTok. Is it something that you have on your phone and you’ve played around with it? Is it something that you’ve never utilized? Don’t have it. You know, Played around with it at all. I see, we have someone who says that they’re addicted. I won’t mind me, too.
Parents have my scrolling, yes. And, yes, I mean, this training will be recorded and sent out and never used it, but I see people are using it for fun videos. Never created one, but watch them.
Never use it intimidated by it.
It’s easy peasy, Lemon squeezy lost hours, yes, So I also have lost many hour. I usually will get up in the morning and have a pre workout and attempt to go work out. And then I end up scrolling accidentally on tech docker Instagram rails for hours. The next thing I know I have to start segments the mad dash of the morning, never used in a work environment, but love looking into it.
Privacy concerns, Absolutely, There are definitely some privacy concerns with TikTok, and we’ll talk more about that in a little bit. So, so far that we kind of are all over, but we’re seeing a lot of people who use it for education and use it personally and are seeing some value with it.
So let me show you my introduction into TikTok And this video has no sound.
So back in 20 20, during the pandemic, I was scrolling Instagram Stories. And one of my friends hosted this story to her, Instagram.
Just posted this Tiktok video to our Instagram story. And, you know the emoji wear, the hat the mind is exploiting that was actually me in that moment. Because I had no idea vegetable peeler could do this.
I was like, only thought it went one way. That is how I was taught. And then I started. I felt like I looked like that name, where the woman is calculating like algebra and calculus all around her, because I started calculating how much time I have spent peeling vegetables?
It’s really isn’t that much time to cook all that often, But how much time I probably could have saved when, if I’ve gone back and forth? Probably better than I don’t, because I definitely would have cut myself.
But it was just one of those things that they see someone here, you know, popped in. And I was today are as old when I learned a dot, dot, dot, and that’s exactly how I felt about this video and exactly how I felt. I feel, a lot of times, when I’m, when I’m scrolling TikTok myself. And so my third thought after I was mind blown.
And then I was calculating was the fact of, well, I just learned this in NaN or NaN.
What else could I possibly learn in NaN or NaN, and how can we, as learning and development professionals, utilize this work in our training? And that’s what we’re going to be covering here today.
So just to, you know, again, give you a little bit of background an insight, if I have not had the pleasure of meeting you just yet. My name is …, founder, and CEO of Anchored Treating. I won’t go into all of my spiel. I appreciate Sarah doing that for me. But I will tell you, I do start off my classes with each act. And so for mine, for today, I am a Jersey girl. And here where I am, it’s called Pork roles, Not Taylor Ham. And so what I have on screen right now is a QR code to my LinkedIn I would love for you to connect with me and share your fun fact. And I’m seeing that it’s tailor how much. That is absolutely a lie, it as pork roll, That’s fine. We’ll continue to battle this one hour, you, and I So very nice to meet you. I cannot wait to connect with you all. I do have a question here.
I’ve never heard of Taylor Ham Well, Taylor Ham, AKA poor girl is the breakfast table of New Jersey and it’s a breakfast meat, and it is quite delicious after a fun evening. So you’ll have to check it out next time you’re in Jersey.
So, I’m gonna post some TikTok videos where we’ve gotten a lot of TikTok today, so there’ll be some mindless scrolling, I’m sure. But let me know what you think after checking out these three videos.
Gotta droopy my time, that won’t stay up.
Take a business card, tear up a small piece, put it under your shirt, and put the mic to the boardroom.
That’s one oversight versus teaching surcharge cases. But it’s taking me so long to get. What are you putting on a voice? They only pay, and the default terms aren’t met, But what does that. Senate 30 means that you expect payment within 30 days. You could choose …, that would be 15 days, are a number of days, is flexible, and I can set the number of days I’d like to be paid it yet, but the most common, or to 10, 15, 30, and 60.
So I’d love to unit for you to pop in. And what are some things that you saw with those three different videos? Anything that stood out to you, anything that wasn’t uncommon. And just anything that stood out would be great.
I see we have a pork roll all Day, Jersey. That’s great.
Quick and informational, ever Hunza Track data.
Demonstration the back and forth conversation of the same actor and creator. Yeah.
The second was too quick to read to be effective. Dancing and songs. Reinforce the captioning on this screen. Yes.
So that these are three different styles of Tiktok videos. And I chose these all specific for specific reasons.
First is I chose the first video from Virginia occur, because I love that it’s a quick way to show a tip something that is a problem that many of us. You know, if you’ve worn the lanyard microphones, you’ve had that problem shore. And it’s something that, you know, like earlier. I was today years old.
The second one, trina’s Video, I posted it, is a little bit quick, and a lot of to talk videos, I will also say, have the captions. So, they do a lot of their content also in the caption.
But what I love about it is that it’s pretty simple. It’s not perfect video. It’s a little bit grainy, and this is one of her earlier I see She and I are friendly.
It’s one of her earlier reels said, Not as professionally done, which I find so interesting. Because, I think, in learning and development, we often think that, if the video is that perfectly or professionally like recorded, it cannot be used. And it’s showing that we could learn something, and that, you know, I’ve picked up stuff from, from that TikTok and others, but not perfectly recorded. So we don’t need the perfectionism in order to learn, which I think is always so interesting. And then I chose John John’s here.
Because I’ve been someone called it out, is the idea of having the same after. But simply just putting on a jacket, or just changing a little something. And it’s the same person, but essentially two different characters. And not saying something you might want to do for everything, but it is just, it just shows, again, that you don’t have to have all of the things to get your content out there. If the content is really good, right, and the messaging is right, and you’re doing storytelling, you’re relating to your audience, people will pay attention. And not realize that while he, you know, he’s talking to himself, you know, what is it crazy. And then what I love, what Kelsey mentioned here, is the last one focused on answering one simple question.
We all know, there’s you know, different different ways to get paid, all of those things there.
There’s nuances that he’s focusing on specifically the high level answered that one question and then later on, if you wanted to make this into a series or go into the nuance, there’s other opportunities to go into that. But he answered the question simply and succinctly, and did not need to go into all of the fluff, and can do that a little bit later. If people got the answer that they needed, and that they needed to go more, they can dive in more, which I find so interesting, and something that we could totally take away.
And this is where I tell you this, Oh, yeah. Tiktok is absolutely an educational platform. And, in fact, tiktok is actually funding more into their creators and into their education fund, to promote more educational content on the platform.
So, it’s quite interesting to see the evolution when I first saw it, you know, before the video, my my friend posted I just all people dancing the baby pandemics, you know board and doing their dances. And I was like, I’m not a place for me. I would love to be a millennial. There. They’ll really old and I’d get laughed at. And then later on, as it started to evolve and I saw, you know, more educational content out there, My perception totally changed.
But I’m not the only one that’s noticing this. There are a lot of no articles that are going out there. They’re going out. Even Harvard did a study about Active Learning and really seeing how TikTok could be the future of education.
Because it is promoting active learning, You know, And showing that, you know, TikTok is becoming one of the largest leading platforms, learning platforms in the world, So it’s no longer just a social media platform.
And so, I think it’s, it’s something that, if we, as corporate professionals, you know, cover our eyes and blind ourselves to how people are learning, right? That are coming into our workforce, into the future, and we don’t look at the reasons why they will go into TikTok, as opposed to going to Google.
So I’m sure most of you have seen that statistic is that Gen Z is going to tick talk to Search before they’re going to Google. So why is that? Right? And you have to stop and think about, you know what? I search for things on Google.
Often, I have to get through a lot of fluff before I get to exactly what I need. And I often share this, sort of this, this example. You know? When we want to learn how to cook something, right? We want a recipe.
Now, we have to get through a whole life story about the person who’s blogs, and I’m grabbing the recipe from, I have to learn, like, get through all these ads, get through all of this, this content, before I ever get to the ingredients, let alone how to actually make, you know, the cows or whatever. Whatever it is that I’m that, I’m cooking people don’t want that anymore. So instead they’re going to tick tock because they know you only really have 15 to thirty sixty seconds to get your message across and to make that point so that fluff that completely cut out.
So yeah, it’s a really interesting, really interesting platform.
So next, we’ll talk a little bit about the guidelines, so just a quick thing about tick tock.
Tiktok is really all about being short and focused and really keeping to that 15 to 62nd mark Tiktok is playing around with a three minute and to 10 minute even videos. I don’t particularly believe that that is the right path for tick tock and I think they really need to stick and really continue to enhance and hone in and master that short bite size content.
I think once you get to the older, the longer platforms, you get to the point where you kind of start to be YouTube. And then, you know, you’re battling at a different in a different place. And it’s all about doing the vertical layout. So, so often, we’re so used to, you know, grabbing video like this, and now it’s all about creating video and utilizing that vertical platform, which I think is just so interesting and some ways that you can think of how to create your own tiktok video without necessarily using the platform. Which we’ll get to in a moment.
So, here is a quick video, again, from John, who’s one of my favorite, for like business finance tips about, you know, just a way that a bank makes money.
Beta, it’s at 20 feet.
If I’m going to be earning 0.04% interest on it for you, so much interest, you do know how to make their money, is money with other customers money and what they would pay you. Wait there. Loaning money Out. So, other pain point 0 4 percent are rolling it out at 3%.
I never thought about it that way so that everybody is withdrawing all their money at once. They don’t go overboard with deposits. Exactly. As long as it’s just enough to cover your withdrawal, they’re good.
So, when I think of this video, in particular, I think back to learning and development, right, And working with a subject matter expert.
And thinking, like, if I had asked if this was a training that I had to put together, some sort of, you know, like informational video, I think I would automatically lead to, you know, all the different ways the bank would make money. And if I have this me write a banking’s to me, he would probably told me all the different ways that a bank makes money. And what John does, so, so beautifully, as I could just answer one way.
one thing, one way, right? He could turn this, again into a series if you wanted to, all the different ways that banks make money. But he really just focused on, like, the 1, 1 big way that they make money, one way that we wouldn’t even think of.
And so, one thing that I would love for you to do is to take action on this. And throughout our session today, there’ll be opportunities for you to take this, what we’re learning and the principles, and put it into action as well. And so, the way to take this and kind of launch it into your practice, your everyday practice, is next time you have a subject matter expert that you’re working on, you’re working with to create content. I want you to ask. I want you to ask them to explain the process, or you know, whatever it is that you’re working on together, to explain it to you using three slides only.
And I want you to tell them it can’t be two point font.
To be like a good readable 16, we have to use good principle, well where it is readable, digestible, but I want you to break it down to three slides.
They’ll likely have a moment of panic, but they also will be challenged and really have to think about, what is the essential key pieces of information that you need in order to do the job?
And we think about how much content and how much learning is thrown out as a need for thinking of, you know, for example, know, your new hire onboarding, How much information is coming to you right from the beginning?
It’s a lot, you can’t retain all of that much, so you can instead create a path.
Create a plan in which you, you know, give people what they need in order to get started, and then drip out the additional content to build upon that knowledge. It becomes a much more different experience, and you’ll actually see more people being able to retain it and bonus if you can drip out that content when they need it. So, for example, you know, if they are not able to enroll into benefits for three months, I probably wouldn’t give them a whole benefits orientation on day one, would probably do it at day 60, so they can prepare to sign up on Day nine day. So those kinds of things are just some different ways to strategize and to think about how we are utilizing the content and really thinking of really getting down to the nitty gritty.
The other thing that we’re gonna walk through today, with the TikTok and the Principles of TikTok, is really this, these learning content pillars, so, we, at anchor training came up with, what are the three pillars that we need in order to create really great content.
We came up with these three: collaborate, valued, hayne, and activate, And you can how content that is just in one of these areas, but in order to create true transformational learning where you’re taking what you are learning, and you are applying it, and you’re retaining, and it becomes part of your every day. You have to have these three pieces, right. We’ll start with value training. We’re going to talk all about valuable content. That is also entertainment.
Then, we’ll talk about activating. How are promoting recall and practice, so that they can utilize that skill? And then, finally, we’ll talk about collaboration, and what are some opportunities for us to build community, and then learn from each other?
So, let’s start with value chain.
First question ever I look at any of my content is, and my providing. What is valuable content?
and for me to know what it’s going to be content of that is valuable to my learner. I need to know what they find to be valuable, Right? And I need to know more about them, so I’m creating, Working with them. With learner personas. I’m learning more about them to ensure what we’re providing is valuable. But I’m also really thinking about, How am I positioning what I am sharing with them in order to be seen as valuable.
Many of us may think that cybersecurity training isn’t all that valuable. It’s kind of monotonous and boring, but that’s because we’re providing you with procedures, you know, with voice on the screen and text on the screen and you’re just sitting there waiting for the next button to enable.
But imagine you can create it in a tick tock style way where maybe there’s a character who is like a hacker behind the scenes and you know you’re creating some of that that educational content and you’re talking about all the different ways that you know clicking on the wrong link could affect you and affect the business.
The other thing that I would likely do at a scenario like that, is pull on that, the pain point of the learner, right? That’s really something, speak to a few of the iPad, I don’t know about you.
But I have honestly had been nervous to open up legs and be like, be afraid to be the one that sends out the virus that brings down the entire organization.
So I would likely start mice my training with, with touching upon that pinpoint to grab their attention. So, they realized, like, I felt like that, too. So, this, this content is going to help me make sure I’m not going to be that one.
So, that’s what we’re talk about. We’re talking about valuable content.
And then second is, how are we engaging our learners. And what are some strategies that we’re using to promote engagement.
And with that, I give you edutainment.
And what edutainment is is the idea of education and entertainment had a baby. It would be Edutainment.
And Edutainment is what it’s all over, Tiktok. So, let me show you another one by my, my favorite Virginia, Durr.
Please express the way you’ve been late to every one of our meetings, So we need to change it to a better time. I’m OK with that, as long as they can start on time. If the client’s work, that respects your time. They’re not going anywhere.
So I know that I’ve suffered with, with being a people pleaser and I know that this is something that many of us can really relate to. And what Virginia did was take something that she knew many of her followers also deal with and created a whole series. So people pleaser expresses an entire series, and it’s like that. So you have penny the waitress? That is the guide for?
That’s the guy for the, for the people pleaser. right? And they get to ask their question and they get their response from from Penny that’s pending the waitress. And it’s just a different way that we could have given that same content and a talking head video, or just as you know, and other different ways. But it’s just so much you stop to pay attention when it’s told in a different format than you’re normally used to write. So more of that agitating sort of format. So, this, so, take talk at Instagram Rails.
And even when we’re seeing from some YouTube videos, are unlocking the power of educating and entertaining at the same time. And so coaches and content creators.
And all of those people that have some sort of educational side to their business are really maximizing and really leveraging edutainment in order to educate their audience for what they want them to actually do, and their next step. So marketers are even doing this as well. Since it says, you know, this is storytelling, right? This is things that we already know, These are things that we’ve seen, but now we’re able to see it in life, in action, and all things around us.
And so, you know, one way that I want you to take action is super, …, is, I want to capture the most value part of valuable part of a process in those three slides, Right. And then I want you to take those three slides and the most valuable pieces of those process, and create a character, tell a story, but also have fun.
And that’s the most important.
The next piece is activate, So that’s that next part of the pillar, where we are permitting, pack this inspiring action, and making learners feel like they are part of the mission. If you don’t feel like you’re part of the mission, and you understand how this is going to be important in your every single day, you’re just naturally not going to engage as much, And you’re just not going to naturally be as invested. So here’s an example of activate in action.
My category, you’re gonna get more same future focused content and education.
Get more views, you should focus on trends and get more comments. You should focus on controversy, opinions, and question.
Or as it should be related, or educational.
Want to share its focus on news and updates.
I get my legs focused on a high focus on ratio with a lot of colors, OK?
So, it takes talk video Like, this is really showing me, you know, if I’m a content creator, looking to improve my engagement, I now have, this video, has given me these tips. So, I’m gonna go and look at my strategy and say, well, my goal is, you know, to promote you know, to get more of, that, like, more comments on my post. Well, these are, these are the type of content I want, or my goal is more safe, then, This is the type of content that I should be creating.
So it’s giving the actual ways, too, action, upon what my end goal is, and so that’s one way that we can look at activate an action.
And So how I want you to take action is when you’re developing materials, I want you to identify opportunities To Ask the learner to perform some sort of action.
Maybe it can be practicing a skill or maybe it could be to share something with their peers, but something in which they’re taking what they’re learning, and they’re reflecting on it, or they are actually acting on it. Right.
So, We’re working right now with that with the fitness company. I’m working on their, their training for their coaches, right there. They’re had their heads of their classes.
And so a lot of it is going to have to be done asynchronously. And so we’re talking about, well, how do you, how are you sure that they’re, you know, going to be able to practice you, know, how they’re going to act on the mix. You know, And so what we came came back with was the idea of them, the recording themselves on the phone, you know, on their phone, and then they watch it back to them and they have some prompts, so they can reflect on what they’re seeing.
Then, also, creating little cohorts and sharing it amongst a cohort, so they can get some feedback and some insights. And then share it with their lead trainer to get that one-on-one attention.
So there’s ways for you to create ways to activate, and ways to promote recall and practice and actually taking action, as opposed to, you know, just giving the content and then, you know, not really being a note, saying, well, if there’s not really much that they can do, because we’re trying to do this all asynchronously. It’s a matter of thinking about it a little bit differently about how they can perform, how could they perform the action.
And so my next question to you as, you know, if you’re in person, if you know or not, I would love to know what you missed about it and things that maybe you currently miss about being in person pop that into their questions.
Being able to engage more directly with attendee is absolutely cut off.
Demonstrating the shrubs. I prefer online actually fair.
Billionaires. Yeah. I love that.
I don’t miss in person much, but I like to use hands-on and props this reading the room. Susan, you are speaking my language about reading rooms. Will I have to connect on LinkedIn later, because I’ve got lots of thoughts about reading, rooms, active, two-way conversations. Connect to each other. Non-verbal cues? The connection, yeah. For a lot of people, it’s honestly, that personal connection. And I’ve been doing this virtual world since, actually, two thousand fourteen, and I will tell you, as much as I will never give up my home office, I also do crave being able to collaborate with someone, and like have that, you know, that time, when it’s appropriate for that in person conversation. But really packed dates a shout out, Adriana for sharing snacks. Absolutely. Snacks is where heads that.
But yeah, it’s the a bit the ability to collaborate with each other. If you think about how much happens, you know, how much when you’re networking that the ability to really think and be relaxed and come up and be inspired. He now, when I have that ability to speak with others to be in community, I have more of that opportunity to expand beyond myself. Because if we’re going to be siloed, right?
And we’re not going to recreate or be strategic about recreating the community, feel, you’re gonna lose a lot of that collaboration, and you’re gonna end up with more blind spots, honestly, and more of those biases. Because you’re not going to be able to see so much about what others are, or, you know, how others view things. I know that I can create content, that I can pass it over to a colleague of mine. And they could say, mm, you may want to change this language because this is the way, you know, this is the way that I’m viewing it. Or, for example, I just, you know, working on a project right now reaches a workbook and I pass it over to my colleague Mark. Can you tell me what you know what blind spots?
I have what I missing and she’s like you all the photos in it are of those that are light skinned and I said, oh my gosh, I didn’t even know, that completely was just a blind spot of mine. You know, thank you so much for, for being able to, you know, be that set of eyes.
You know, And so, I fear, if we’re not creating communities that are actually going to interact and engage, then we’re going to see more of these biases show up in our training.
And so, how I’d love for you to take up collaborations is, I want you to create a place to share videos, and to begin to create that learning community start. And we’re first way to start creating that community and start by asking your employees to share what they wish they knew on their first day.
We all have something we wish that we know.
Maybe it’s where the bathroom us.
Maybe it is, you know, some sort of unspoken rule about where you work, but those are all things that you want others to be able to know, And it’s hard to ask those questions. When you are a new person in a virtual or remote hybrid organization, because you don’t know who to go, You don’t know who to ask. There’s always going to be. there’s always going to be questions that you can’t answer, right? or questions that, you know, things that are just going to be unspoken and you’ll just kind of learn them. But?
You can start to minimize the amount of those things and start to build that community and show people that. it’s not just me serve others that felt that same life.
And so now we get into a little bit of, you know, where do we do this, How do I do that? I see a question in the chat, how much time does this all takes? So let’s talk about how to create your own video challenge. So first things first. We all have what we need, and that is your phone. Your, you don’t need a fancy camera. You don’t need any of that, you just need your phone, and you don’t even need great lights, and if you happen to have a ring light, If you happen to see anchor training at any of the conferences, we may have some ring lights, you can grab those.
You don’t need any of that. You need a window because the sunlight is the best light. Now, also, tell you your car is a really great place for lighting. I’ve done somebody’s in the car, because I feel like I look a little bit nicer with that, with that natural sunlight. But all I need is your fonts.
And you can use Tiktok to edit your videos. You can use Instagram.
There’s also other platforms that are out there that are not where, you know, public platforms such as cap Cut is an app that you can use to upload your reporting and and edit the videos and that TikToks format or style. You can even do this utilizing Camtasia. It’s just about the ratio and the style in which you are recording it.
The sign will let you are providing your tips and tricks.
Not necessarily the fact that you use tick tock because at … we know I do TikTok videos do Instagram Rails. Once we pulled that video down, it’s an MP four.
There’s nothing special about it to say it was a TikTok video. So, you’re really just more focused on looking at the style and how and what people are enjoying about it.
And things like that, and grabbing those, those pieces of inspiration and then replicating Maps when it comes to creating your videos. And then in terms of sharing it. So, Tiktok, you can have a private account, login, a private Instagram account for some organizations. And we’ll get those little to this in a little bit. And they do have public facing, like TikToks and things like that for more of recruitment. But, those are some, You know, that’s one place the public, they seek a post it, but you could utilize tools Like SharePoint Slack includes videos, you can create a Slack channel for new hires, where, you post a bunch of videos that, they can go through and reference back, you know, again, what, what, I wish that, I knew, my first day. You can even utilize Teams or My, or Yammer or even Google Slides.
Alright, So Google Slides, you can put the videos on one slide per one video. Per slide. And then you can do that auto you know, onto the next slide. Once. That video is done to get kind of scroll field, the point is anywhere. You can share videos. You can share Ted Talk style videos.
And in terms of how much time it takes, I will tell you, I have created some TikTok videos that take me truly, NaN, truly.
And somebody else will take, you know, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, just because I’m editing or I’m messing up on the lines, the idea behind the time that it takes. It’s more about building that strategy on the front side of like what are the kinds of video, How are we appropriately using it.
And then coming up with some ideas and in generally fully scripting them, like a storyboard, but just having some bullets. So when I create a video, I have just some general bullets, I know where I’m going and I find that that also helps with the authenticity because it looks and feels less scripted.
All right.
So how can tick tock the part of your learning culture? We’re about to watch a lot of TikTok, I hope you are excited. First thing, source, then we had a comment earlier about how that’s promoting, you know, active learning while the active tiktok’s was watching, tiktok is passive.
What you do with it later is active, and as we’ll see right now, with this, this history teacher who flipped her classrooms.
First? Payment, you’re absolutely right.
All about the first 10 minutes, United States Constitution the government and not endorse irreligion in opposite citizens are entitled to freedom of religion.
The Second Amendment allow for a well regulated Militia and the right people.
Amendment prohibits the non consensual oriented soldiers in one.
The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and also requires that warrant issued on the base of the things that the insurance decisions not drive client, so they do not have to testify in court also. That they are titled such a process as well.
Amendment entitles me to a CD and public trial as well.
That’s your right to a trial by jury with a lawsuit.
The Eighth Amendment say that they all can’t be crazy, excessive, and that you can’t be subject to crawl on the floor.
There, you have it, or, not explicitly, say, to the US. Congress, to take the powers that are not delegate to the United States by the prosecution or are safe.
For the people respect, they picked up.
YAML as that. This is a little bit of a law that says, where you realize, like, after, about, like, that 60 minute mark, especially, if you’re not really that interested in the US. Constitution, Poly Sci Major over here, a little bit interested. But it’s definitely a little bit of a longer one, students are to lose that attention span.
So sharing earlier is that this particular teacher, Ms. Verde, she actually then took this, put this content out there on TikTok, because that’s where our students weren’t. So, you know, I can’t beat em, I’m going to join them. She started putting out this type of content, so when they actually go into the classroom, they would do more activities and things like that to really solidify what they are learning.
Next sort of example is something that promotes more DEI, but what I love about this is that, you know, we all tried to do have initiatives where we’re trying to, you know, learn more, share more about things outside of. Just, you know, it works. Every single day is a lot, You know, right now, it’s Black history month.
So, maybe you want to have something that, you know, permits, you know?
Great African Americans in learning and development or whatever it might be, right? Just want to promote some fast facts, This is one way to do it in a way that’s different. It’s not an e-mail, right? It’s not something here. And I like stop. And, you know, have to like read through, it’s just a different way to share some information in a more fun way to really promote, you know, In this case, it was in Indigenous people to promote some some of the things that they’ve been able still. So I see that we have a fan, but here is one example of, like, a fast track, but I would do.
So I know earlier we had someone talking about recruitment, and how do you get people to want to, you know, sign up to Apply for a job at your organization, on the intellectual or using TikTok to do this. So here are a couple of examples of how TikToks in Google to this.
This one’s every single time I’ve done this presentation. I stop to dance at this one. So, this is one way that they’re doing it, So what you’re doing is actually getting a glimpse, a true glimpse of the inside of what of what it looks like, right. And so, I have former employers that are doing this themselves so they create a life at and then they’ll show you more about the people, you know, what a meeting looks like. You know, they do, first Fridays, you know, get a glimpse of what first Friday would, you know would do or what they would do at a first Friday.
More of their, you know, they have their yearly kickoff meetings, more about their yearly kickoff meetings. All of those things, so you can really see an inside look into the organization and what I love about it.
And I can’t guarantee this is part of the reason why they’re doing it. But knowing what I know about that organization is they have to dispel a lot of myths that are out there on social media, and on sites like Glassdoor about what it’s like to work there.
And so they’re able to really give you an inside look at what that would be. So that when someone, like we all do it, right, you apply for a job. You look, if you heard it as Asian, you see what the employees are saying. Also valuable ways but then to now have also, to show them, you know, there’s a tick tock style video. A few of them of what it What it what it’s actually like it.
And dispel some of those myths or bust some of those myths. It’s a great way to recruit people to work for you.
So for some people I know that you know the office has changed, right? So after you know the pandemic things have shifted around. Maybe there’s more spaces in between does not. Cause a little bit of anxiety. You don’t know. Exactly. We’re walking into or I even think like before the …, I started organizations had no idea where I was going. And I always had a little bit of anxiety in that first day, like beyond just that, for those first aid jitters. But also, I don’t know where I’m going. Who am I going to talk to, you know, where am I supposed to sign in?
Again, I know I’m talking about this a lot, but it’s an important question. Where’s the bathroom going to be? Will there be coffee, or do they have like, Starbucks on site? I don’t know or close around.
So you can actually instead take tik TOK style videos and create your own little office tour and you can send that out beforehand.
Right, so if you’re coming back to the office and things have changed, you can send out a video to your employees. Say, hey, here are some things that change at the office. This is what you’re gonna see when, you know what it looks like. What are your new hires?
You know, We’re so excited for your first day. You know, Here are some things, Here’s your schedule for your first day, and then there’s a quick TikTok about the office, so you know exactly what to expect when you first walk in. And so, I would fail met with, you know, give a receptionist in the front, the Receptionist, saying hi, and then the text would say, hey, this is Molly, she’s gonna reach on your first day in, sign you in and bring you over to this conference room.
We’re gonna have your new hire orientation and, you know, shells need a couple of people from HR show where the bathroom is, all of those things just to help ease some of that anxiety. So, here’s a letter that’s quickly open textbook.
What I love about this, too is the fact that they have all those snacks, I know that we have friends here. They’re obsessed with the snacks as well. Like this, I’m pretty good snacks I wouldn’t mind going and scouring that pantry.
Here’s a prepare for day one, right, So another day you can send beforehand. Like, here are some things that you’re gonna wanna look out for on your first day. Ask your own employees to actually, you know, provide those tips or create their own, so it’s not just you doing it. It’s other different people, so they could see maybe some of their colleagues that they’ll see the future. Here’s one I actually shared with a friend of mine who went to go work on a cruise ship for six months.
I remember to leave for eight months with a number would appreciate it as even 60.
My contract was briefly postponed because I missed on the farm, but we are up and running and are ready to go. Obviously, I’m very close, but I’m also bringing a lot of this life stuff that you may not see that, so here are the most important thing.
I found this amazing thought that the electric kettles with a friend talking about.
A sunlight simulating clock, because my pattern doesn’t have any windows, I onset of vetting, and we get this little miniature diffuser by the oils, my vocal CMO.
And that’s hair and makeup products the last day.
Then, the next example that I have for you all, as an event invitation. How often do you put together, you know, a lunch and learn, or, you know, something optional that people just don’t sign up for, unless they’re super interested in the topic. I know, for me, it’s happened many times. So, we started doing is utilizing Tiktok to create.
Then style invitations, So, instead of sending a block of text that people are going to skim and not really stop the scroll to pay attention to, they thought the scroll now ’cause they’re seeing a different style, they’re seeing a tiktok video.
Yeah. Exactly.
That’s giving them three reasons why you need to, you know, attend the webinar. And then it’s just tell them what their call to action is, Your call to action is to go sign up right now, And then in the just in the caption, I can go more into depth about, you know, any next steps, as well as provide links and more details.
We also have opportunities for upskilling, so my husband became a manager at the University last year. And he came home and he’s like, have a list. And he goes, I’m binary. He has never been a manager before Archives.
It’s like, there’s if I can pick from here through training, to take that the university will pay for, and I was like, OK, you’re going to be a new manager, any more than three, the three ratings, But that’s, you know, all of us, how many of us are doing leadership development programs, and there’s all these things, right? All of the things that you did not put in your three slides, but you still want to beat out, because it is important information, just not in the moment to get the job done. Well, you can utilize tiktok style videos to drip out some of those tips and those those tricks and to, you know, help to provide some of that upskilling.
It’s not the things I know for sure this life, and managers will come to me and say, Let this person go. I’m gonna say that didn’t know it’s coming.
And they will say they know what’s coming.
Can I know for sure, they are not.
People are not just managers are really, that’s just a general principle. When you give honest feedback, it builds trust, rather breaks transfer.
Beetroot talent is incredibly important.
People generally don’t like their managers. This one thing is the difference maker.
Let your people be able to count on you, to keep your work on you, to tell the truth.
Make sure people know where they are.
Mmm. Hmm.
And so I share these two with you besides this example. Right, or, for example, she was in her car right, best lighting. But also just in a place where she can quickly grab a few tips, right? I’ve done, I’ve done, such, you know, Tip TikTok videos while I was waiting for my kids and the pickup line, and then what I love about the second video is the fact that she was sitting in front of one, right? There’s no fancy background behind, or it’s just her in front of a wall, and she’s just providing good, valuable content.
Again, remove that perfectionism out of your brain and get something out there. Something that is valuable, and that will help your learners help your people. That is more powerful than waiting for the best lighting, the most perfection, And people, when you have all of that’s the section, that they just don’t feel like it’s as authentic.
Best thing that you can do for TikTok also, it’s quick tips and tricks, are not character doesn’t have the same exception report as my The thing we discovered, that we have boxes and boxes, and boxes of courts. Here’s how we organize our Court.
Wrap and placing court in a small photo organizer.
Then place in larger photo tote and label each containing a link in my profile.
We’ll do this to copy and paste one at a time, at least fake addresses.
Instead, you guys get out of the select underneath the Control key to flash fill it extracts automatically. Let’s do state control, E, 100,000 … does is extracted.
So you don’t even need to be on camera for all of your tips. You can still provide tips and tricks, no software training tips and tricks, home organization. It’s just a matter of getting that information out there and just that tick tock style fashion.
I’ll be remiss if I tell you when I first thought about TikTok and I first thought about the pandemic I thought about my friends my sales runs. So my first job out of college was at a CRM software company. I was doing software training, which is funny, because it’s boring, but my audience was really great, all with pharmaceutical sales reps and which is an audience that has the attention span of a gnat. And if you’re boring them, they’re definitely not paying attention. But I thought about the amount of, you know, meetings. I would go to where a lot of what we’ve learned. or a lot of what they learned.
And where they found the value was, you know, the way to the airport in the airport, in the hallway, in between sessions, where they were really learning more and inform each other. You know, about things like, Hey, what do you do. When the doctor tells you that? you really need to like, get in front of them, or whatever the case may be, and they’re sharing those tips and tricks. We went remote and they didn’t have those opportunities. A lot of that information is lost. They thought the institutional knowledge some people at your organization path, because they’ve been there for so long. These videos could be that way to promote, you know, sharing those tips and tricks and building that community.
So here’s a quick SL step He said, and this is your one minute sales.
I need you to be NSO next step access.
Data shows that sales reps that consistently set a next step on every conversation with every e-mail after every single meeting Close 71% more business, then folks That don’t. I want you to be collaborative. I want you to get that other side an opportunity to set What the next step is when they’re telling you things like, I need to think about it, or I don’t know, Simply pivot and say What’s a good next step for me.
If they still don’t know which files in here move to the next one, is, I want to make sure we get to our questions. Another thing that you can do to share out is like a Motivation Monday. So here’s one that we did, is just because the stock video. And just a quote, and you can actually create this right in Canvas, that they have access to Canva, you can create real life that’s as well, and they have. From the pro plan, you can use their stock footage or … video to just have a little bit of inspiration, you know, help provide some additional tips for your peeps.
Of course, I do love myself a good myth buster, share them there.
Share the fact.
And so, in that one, that’s one of those. Like, it took me NaN at the length of the audio, because there’s really not much to do. And then you just add the tax on that screen. And I’m sure there’s a ton of myths that you are trying to dispel In your organization. And so this could be one way to do that.
And of course, we have those day in the life, right? So many of us are wondering, like, what does that look like to work there? So we have a question here, how would you use TikTok to recruit staff to work in prisons? People have a lot of misconceptions about what it’s like to work in a prism. So, you know, Of course. You’d have to check into the security, and all of that of, you know, who you can show, and this, and that, and what you can show, But I would show them a day in the life of what it’s like to work in the prison. And that always so scary.
And so with that, I want to leave you with two last things.
But first, I wanted to share with you what I gained from TikTok over the last few years. And I’ll play the video first.
Hi, and while I Do totally understand that it’s hard to show up on camera. Even for myself, it was absolutely difficult to even think about putting myself in front of rails or tick tock conflict thinking What other people are going to say? You know, I know how am I going to show up having imposter syndrome is he really did help me to finally just show up and be authentic because I knew that the content that I was delivering And the impact I was meeting on others by sharing tips and tricks is actually more important than my ego of how I woke up tomorrow.
And while the voices of maybe the few that would like to make a Snide remark feel the loudest, There, the fewest of everyone. And actually I did this presentation back in October and that was like on a Thursday or Friday. And that Monday I got a message on LinkedIn from someone in the presentation that said, We have this new software upgrade, I said a tick tock style video sharing six things that they need to know this because so nervous to put it out there. And he was like, it’s so silly.
But I got so much amazing feedback from that, one video that people were, you know, than I ever got before, from any temperature. Can people actually said they stopped to pay attention, because it was in a different style of format? So don’t be afraid to try something.
Then, of course, there is my favorite video. This is a video that we watch an anchored training on those days that it we just had a really rough day, because he brings us so much joy.
The videos are kind of like, Well, I’ll share a little bit about him. So we do a TikTok booth at, you know, whenever we’re an expo hall, and we help people create their first TikTok videos. He came, started dancing. His, He was a speaker talking about games for international audiences. He totally mess up. It’s like the hand, Bob one, he totally messed up at some point, just started dancing, had the biggest smile on his face, so much laughter and he was like, that was so much fun. He’s just don’t take yourself seriously. And honestly, every person that comes to our booth to create a TikTok video walks away, smiling, They say two things.
one, that’s it, And I’m like, Yes! There’s not a ton to it, but then till they always had so much fun, and they just had like that big smile on their face. And, honestly, for me, there’s like nothing better than that.
So, with that, I would love to know where you see TikTok fitting in your organization.
We have a few minutes I can start at I can start going through some of the questions. We have some resources here, as well as in the handouts, and I will start just jumping through the questions.
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cut you off there, Vanessa.
Is there a general guide for how long the best video should be? I tend to find that at NaN you start to see people checkout. But if your content only needs to be NaN then keep it NaN. I learned how to tie a robe. And NaN I watch that video one time and I have never tried my robe the same way. So it’s really it’s not so much about, you know, being the best video. There’s not one answer for everything is definitely a case by case basis. I think that’s where we, we mess up.
We think that there’s just going to be one magic bullet to engage our employees tab, no create better training. It’s a matter of having a bunch of these things like tick tock style videos in our tool belt.
Let’s see.
What’s the difference between Tiktok and Snapchat? So snapshot is not as overall platform and those go away for an hour. So if you think of like Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories how you only see whatever that content is loaded for an hour, that is what Snapchat is. Tiktok is actually searchable platforms, so when you post it, it goes on your permanent feed it’s not something that just disappears. Unless you go in and delete it.
So it’s a totally different platform to snapchat I wouldn’t say is is necessarily Educational, but some brands are using it to educate their audience but It’s only as good as like those 24 hours in which serve their life.
How often should you speak or have text to read? And that is the same or different. So again, the principles of the text and the audio the same thing as in, as in training, right?
So whatever, you know, you know, visual design, part of the PowerPoint design, you want to find you want to follow the same principles, are having lieutenant texts on the screen. You want to keep it pretty closely aligned when you are saying it so that you’re not competing not overloading due to cognitively overloading your viewer. What do you do if you don’t have the space to record these videos, like a small apartment? And there’s not a lot of room to report because my apartment is not very esthetic.
So, in those cases, so if you watch Virginia her, she actually, a lot of times, we’ll go out and do her own reporting, like, she lives in, I think, Alabama or something like that. And you will report in a field. A lot of people report outdoors. You can use your, you know, home as props.
So, walking through a door, and you can just keep a tighter frame around just that door, and like not show too much around, or honestly, just pick a wall and put a stand in front of it. I bought backdrops before. So, you know, in our basement, I have a backdrop where I do some may filming, and I have lights to simulate the sun. Since it’s, you know, obviously dark because the basement, So, let’s use what you have, but don’t focus so much on, like, what’s behind you. You can even do the green screen style tiktok video, where it’s like you have a screenshot. You can pull up the screenshot, You can pull up the image and then be the talking head in front of it.
To Michael, the handouts are in the handouts, part of your, of the panel.
What’s the best way is to share. I seen this in this upload into the LMS, So the idea was sharing TikTok videos is, you have to be wherever your learners are. Meaning, if they’re not necessarily going to the LMS for professional development, and just when they got assigned to a required training, that’s not going to be the place that I recommend. You want to be in a place where we’re going to actually see all the time. So, if you have Teams, then, I would create a Teams channel, where they can go, and they can share, they can upload videos. All of those things. If you happen to use Slack, I would create a Slack channel. The most important thing is to see where you, where you are, day in and day out.
Because, if you introduce a new place for them to girls, they’re not going to go there, because it’s one more place that they have to remember to go.
Don’t think I missed anything else.
Going back to the top, I really appreciate everyone’s participation.
Yes, We had some great audience participation today. That does bring us here to the top of the hour. Thank you so much, Vanessa, for a really engaging and informative session. And I think we all appreciated learning more about the in and outs of TikTok today.
Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. And you know, again, if y’all have any questions, feel free to reach out.
Thank you all for participating in today’s webinar, and I look forward to seeing you next week, same date, same time, How to get on.

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