What Artificial Intelligence Can't Do - Human Intelligence Can | HRDQ-U Webinar

What Artificial Intelligence Can’t Do, Human Intelligence Can

This On-Demand event was originally presented on March 12, 2024 (60 min)


Do what artificial intelligence can’t do and master your ability to adapt and pivot. Use your human intelligence to build your emotional awareness, deepen your ability to listen for clues and cues, explore cognitive empathy, and ask questions that Google can’t answer. This creates meaningful collaboration and genuine connection.

Artificial intelligence can’t deepen the relationship or understand the nuances of a question or a statement. Humans can, and we can be better. If you want to influence change and shift behaviors, this starts with your human intelligence.

This live event is free. A recording will be available after the event with an HRDQ-U Membership for Learning Professionals.

Attendees will learn

  • Human intelligence strategies to collaborate and maintain mutual respect.
  • Four steps to effective communication skills to connect and engage.
  • “Hollywood Tips” to have those courageous conversations.


Joel Silverstone is the Senior Professional Skills Facilitator & Coach at The Great Canadian Training & Consulting company. He brings 20 years of expertise helping participants build their interpersonal skills and communicate effectively. Presenting to Fortune 500 companies and thousands globally, Joel tries to bring his “HI” to those sessions, focusing on influencing skills, techniques used by actors, and the use of emotional intelligence awareness and strategies. You can listen to or watch Joel as the host of The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast and on YouTube interviewing leaders and experts on influencing and communications skills.

Connect with Joel on Twitter and at www.greatcanadiantraining.ca.



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Headshot of a woman with curly hair

“The tips are easy to implement and a good reminder of how to best work with others to achieve success. Very practical and useful.”

Rhonda A.
Askrhon Consulting

Headshot of a smiling man

“In just one hour I changed how I am going to approach coworkers and friends. Sometimes I find myself in more of the “director” role, and that usually does nothing to defuse the situation. I just want so much to solve others’ problems, and I get frustrated. But if I can just take a step back, both parties gain more.”

Gil G.
Academic Advisor
University of Illinois

Headshot of a man with brown hair and a brown beard

“Joel’s presentation was excellent. The information presented will be put to good use; I’ll definitely continue to dive deeper into the subject.”

Employment Specialist
Pueblo Regional Center


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