Untangling Talent and Teamwork

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HRDQ-U Webinar | Untangling Talent and Teamwork

Untangling Talent and Teamwork



In our highly competitive culture, teamwork is often impacted negatively by the individual members’ efforts to ensure they receive recognition and compensation for their personal creativity. While valid and important, leaders are often baffled as to how to integrate the individual goal into the team culture and communications and still improve the quality of teamwork.

Join experts Marcia Hughes and James Terrell as they explore ways to diagnose where the individual needs of the members (talent) get tangled up with the collective productivity of the team and how to sort them out.

Attendees will learn

  • Understanding why talent and teams tangle
  • Combining the roles of being an individual performer and a good team member
  • Applying the right metrics for diagnosing teams
  • Strategies to expand the talents of teamwork
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Untangling Talent and Teamwork


Marcia Hughes is President of Collaborative Growth and serves as a strategic communications partner for teams and their leaders in organizations that value high performers. She weaves her expertise in team development and emotional intelligence throughout her consulting, keynotes, facilitation, and coaching. She is co-author of The Emotionally Intelligent TeamThe Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social IntelligenceTeam Emotional and Social Intelligence Facilitator Guide Package, which includes the TESI® Short, A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence in Action, 2 ed. and author of Life’s 2% Solution.  Hughes is the co-creator of the Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® (TESI®). She is a certified trainer in the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-360, the Pearman and Risk Type Compass and provides Train the Trainer training and coaching in powerful EQ delivery.

James Bradford Terrell is Vice President of Collaborative Growth where he applies his expertise in interpersonal communication to help a variety of public and private sector clients anticipate change and respond to it resiliently.  He is co-author of The Emotionally Intelligent TeamThe Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social IntelligenceTeam Emotional and Social Intelligence Facilitator Guide Package, which includes the TESI® ShortA Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence in Action. He coaches leaders, teams in transition, and senior management, using the EQi 2.0the EQ 360, and other assessments. James is co-creator of the Team Emotional and Social Intelligence Survey® (TESI®). James provides train-the-trainer workshops and educates coaches and team leaders on how to develop the insightful interpretation and application of EQ results.



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