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The Trainer’s Handbook: Creative and Active Training Techniques

This On-Demand event was originally presented on September 9, 2015 (60 min)


As Training Magazine reported, the average employee training budget for large companies runs into the millions of dollars. But how much of these budgets is dedicated to developing employee training methods and techniques that get team members thinking outside the box?

Effective employee training methods drive engagement and growth. Providing creative and active training can provide deeper understanding of how an employee’s job serves the bigger picture. If they enjoy it, it might give them a higher motivation to excel and advance along the way.

What can you do to insure your employee training techniques stand out? To encourage employees to give your company their all, you need to advocate creativity from day one, starting with your employee training methods.

In this highly interactive session, join trainer Karen Lawson, as participants will be introduced to a variety of creative and active-training techniques to enhance their training programs, regardless of content. They will experience proven techniques for facilitating these activities to meet learning objectives and audience needs.

Attendees will learn

  • Explain the concept, principles, strategies, and techniques of active training
  • Use active-training methods to increase retention, build understanding, and improve skills
  • Adapt active-training techniques to any course content
  • Use creative approaches to motivate and energize the group


Dr. Karen Lawson is an international consultant, speaker, and author. As founder and president of Lawson Consulting Group, Inc., she has built a successful consulting firm specializing in organization and management development as well as executive coaching. She has extensive consulting and seminar experience in the areas of team development, communication, leadership, and quality service across a wide range of industries. Clients include a variety of prominent organizations from financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care, government, and education. In her consulting work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, she uses her experience and knowledge of human interaction to help leaders at all levels make a difference in their organizations.

Karen holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Adult and Organization Development from Temple University; a Master of Arts in English from the University of Akron; and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Union College. She has been actively involved in professional organizations such as the National Speakers Association and the American Society for Training and Development, holding leadership positions at both the local and national levels. Karen is also the author of 12 books on training and leadership.



This webinar is sponsored by HRDQ and is based upon research of our published training tools. For more than 40 years HRDQ has been a provider of research-based training resources for classroom, virtual, and online soft-skills training. We offer learning resources to help retain employees and clients, make better decisions, improve performance, and much more.

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