The Trainer's Cookbook: Recipes for Learning Engagement Success | Recorded Webinar

The Trainer’s Cookbook: Recipes for Learning Engagement Success

This On-Demand event was originally presented on August 5, 2020 (60 min)


Have you been overcooking the content and under-cooking the experience? Are you looking for the right ingredients to build ongoing learner engagement in your training? This webinar may be the answer for you.

In this interactive session, expert Marc Ratcliffe will provide you with at least 12 dynamic techniques that will make you the master chef of the training room! These techniques can be easily integrated into any learning environment and are targeted at helping the presenter to attract and maintain interest and increase participation. Techniques include activities for individuals, small groups as well as the whole group. There will also be variations provided for those working in an online environment. The session adopts an instructor led-participant centered approach, where participants are involved in reviewing the techniques modeled and will be involved in discussions on how they can adapt, adopt and apply the techniques to their own contexts. In the end, participants will leave the session with at least a dozen techniques for learning engagement and a variety of variations and adaptions generated by themselves and their peers.

Attendees will learn

  • Twelve (12) learning engagement techniques that can be applied to any training setting.
  • To understand when to use certain activities for maximum engagement.
  • To identify learning engagement tools suitable for individuals, small groups and large groups.
  • To modify the engagement techniques for personal training situations.


Marc Ratcliffe is the CEO and founder of MRWED Training and Assessment, Australia’s largest provider of Trainer Training and five time-listed Australian great place to work.

He is a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur. He has been involved in Workplace and Vocational Education for 25 years and has conducted more than 300 Training and Assessment courses since 2000.  He is a strong advocate for “edu-tainment” and believes that learner involvement and fun are integral to student success. He continues to be an in-demand conference speaker and workshop facilitator, having presented at more than 75 conferences in a dozen countries in the past decade and was recently named as the winner of the “Best Training and Development Leadership” Award at the World Training and Development Congress.

Marc is the author of the “The Trainer’s Toolkit” (2011) and “The Trainer’s Cook Book” (2014) and is a co-author of three of the “S.C.O.R.E. for Trainers” publications. He is also certified to deliver Bob Pike’s Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp, the world’s most respected train-the-trainer program. Connect with Marc on LinkedIn.


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