The New Leader: Moving Beyond Silos to Optimize Performance

The New Leader: Moving Beyond Silos to Optimize Performance

This On-Demand event was originally presented on January 24, 2024 (60 min)


Today’s organizational challenges demand a new approach to leadership – one that moves beyond silos and achieves collective, holistic success. In a world that is increasingly complex and intertwined, it is more important now than ever for leaders to think and work across the functional boundaries that divide organizations to be successful.

How exactly do we lead organizations effectively in today’s highly interconnected and rapidly changing world? The answer is systems thinking. Systems thinking is the practice of understanding how different parts of a situation or organization influence one another within the whole, enabling leaders to make effective decisions that optimize performance.

While you may not have heard about systems thinking, it isn’t new. In fact, for years this discipline has resonated with a wide range of leading entities worldwide that have identified systems thinking as a key competency for leaders in the 21st Century. Among those who emphasize the importance of systems thinking are:

  • Businesses including Google, IBM and Shell.
  • Educational institutions such as the MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School.
  • International organizations such as the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization.
  • Various professional associations including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Project Management Institute.

Why are such varied organizations all calling for the same skillset in today’s leaders? Because they understand the enormous strides leaders can make toward meeting their organizational goals when they take a system-wide approach.

In this webinar, we will take a close look at a half-day experiential learning program that provides not only an engaging learning experience but also a pragmatic lens through which to examine and elevate your leadership skills. The program features Friday Night at the ER, a team-learning simulation game that is set in a fictitious hospital and mirrors real-world organizational challenges that resonate with people in any industry.

The game exposes the downfalls of working in silos and the transformative power of applied systems thinking. Participants will learn actionable strategies to enhance not just the parts, but the whole of their organizations, deploying learnings that are firmly rooted in the proven principles of systems thinking.

Attendees will learn

  • Why working in silos has a negative impact on organizational performance.
  • The basics of systems thinking and why it offers a competitive advantage in any industry.
  • How to operationalize three essential behaviors to optimize organizational success.
  • How to identify mental models and other elements of organizational structure that often limit performance.
  • Why a simulation game is an effective method to develop essential leadership skills and competencies.
  • Strategies for successfully embedding systems thinking into an organization’s culture.

Special offers from our sponsor

Friday Night at the ER®

Friday Night at the ER® is an all-industry tabletop simulation game that moves people from silo thinking to systems thinking. It was created in 1992, and has been used by thousands of organizations throughout the world including Johns Hopkins University, LL Bean, and the U.S. Navy.

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Jeff Heil is an expert in the development and delivery of innovative learning experiences that accelerate team success and improve organization performance. He has a diverse background and education that comprises organizational psychology, industrial design and systems thinking, and has spent the last decade developing learning products that live at the practical intersection of these fields.

Jeff has been recognized as a teacher and leader in the field of systems thinking by the Waters Center for System Thinking and the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). In May 2023, he delivered a standing-room only presentation titled “Playing with Metaphors for Optimal Learning” at the ATD (Association for Talent Development) International Conference & EXPO.

Jeff lives in Portland, Oregon where he is the CEO of Breakthrough Learning, a small firm that has provided innovative learning and development solutions to thousands of organizations across industries and cultures for more than 30 years.


The New Leader: Moving Beyond Silos to Optimize Performance
Breakthrough Learning

We offer experiential learning products and workshops that transform the way people think and work together. Our products include the award-winning tabletop simulation game, Friday Night at the ER®, and Cauzality®, an online collaborative tool to create knowledge maps. We are also the official US online store for Metalog® Training Tools, bringing Europe’s top team development tools to North America. For more than 30 years, our customers have been using our innovative team-learning tools to develop essential skills, explore big ideas and improve team and organization performance.


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