Six Pitfalls Employers Face with Offsite Workers – and How to Avoid Them

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Six Pitfalls Employers Face with Offsite Workers – and How to Avoid Them Webinar

Six Pitfalls Employers Face with Offsite Workers – and How to Avoid Them

This On-Demand event was originally presented on March 30, 2020 (60 min)


How your organization communicates and supports your team during these difficult times is an opportunity to build trust and engagement among employees. Like any major change, people will fall into two major categories: Stress Response – fight, flight, freeze mode where productivity suffers – or Challenge Response – rise to the challenge by creating an opportunity to become more productive, which in turn will create value in the long run. The choice is yours.

This webinar will heighten your awareness of the biggest pitfalls you may face when your attention is diverted due to the current organizational change with teams working from home.

We will also discuss ways to avoid those pitfalls by creating a productive environment and investing time and energy into other work habits that will change over time. The value you create at this time will continue to reap benefits long after the virus is gone.

Attendees will learn

  • How to be ready for infrastructure challenges.
  • How to use the change in work environment as an opportunity to optimize workflows.
  • How to communicate effectively in a crisis.
  • How to avoid micromanagement during times of uncertainty.
  • How to reboot your meeting culture.
  • How to identify shortfalls in employee training.
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Six Pitfalls Employers Face with Offsite Workers – and How to Avoid Them


Penny Zenker is an international speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author. 

Before her 31st birthday, Penny founded, developed, and sold her first multi-million dollar technology business while living in Zurich, Switzerland. Later, at the world’s 4th largest Market Research company, she managed business unit turnarounds and was a top Tony Robbins business coach, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world to double their businesses, enhance communication and creativity, and harness a more productive leadership.

Penny shares her expertise with high energy and contagious enthusiasm and will challenge you to consistently think and act more strategically.  

Penny’s book, The Productivity Zone, was an instant Amazon Best Seller, and her TEDx presentation, “The Energy of Thought,” has gained attention around the world. 

Penny has been featured on NBC News, Forbes, Inc., ESPN, and Wharton Business Radio, among others.



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“It made me aware of issues that I hadn’t considered like time management and how to feel connected to the team while working remotely.”

Claudia C.
Paralegal Aide
New York City Law Department

Headshot of a young woman with short brown hair and blue eyes

“The webinar was awesome and I will definitely be implementing what was shared.”

Crystal D.
Family and Children’s Medicaid Supervisor
Wilson County DSS

Headshot of a young woman with black hair

“I really enjoyed the information Penny provided during this webinar because it will assist me with sharing some innovative ideas to resolve the issues we have with teleworking.”

Dawn T.
Employment Services Worker


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