Real World Strategies to Build Authentic, Inclusive Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases

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Real World Strategies to Build Inclusive Workplaces | HRDQ-U Webinar

Real World Strategies to Build Authentic, Inclusive Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases

This On-Demand event was originally presented on February 27, 2024 (60 min)


While basic research has shown that diverse and inclusive teams are better at problem-solving and fostering a global outlook, professionals at all levels still struggle with building strategies for the modern workplace that maximize diversity at all levels. When advanced from a human and humane perspective, diversity challenges can become valuable opportunities for workplace inclusion, increased productivity, stronger team collaboration, and competitiveness amongst your market peers. This webinar will help professionals understand the varying levels of inclusion, understand D&I concepts and terms, brainstorm how changes in meeting and on-boarding processes can leverage diversity, and demonstrate how strategic D&I learning can build truly inclusive workplaces.

Attendees will learn

  • How to increase engagement scores by creating a purpose-driven team.
  • How to increase performance by helping people find meaning in their work.
  • A creative, fun, and interactive activity to introduce inclusive behaviors.
  • How to turn the concept of inclusion into actionable and practical behaviors that all employees can adopt.
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Real World Strategies to Build Authentic, Inclusive Workplaces that Reflect our World, not our Biases


Devin C. Hughes is an author, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and an internationally recognized expert in the science of happiness, organizational/culture change and leadership development. He has lectured and worked with a variety of Fortune 100 companies, as well as the Secret Service, the IRS, and an assortment of profit and nonprofit organizations. Devin is the author of 20 books and has lectured in more than 15 countries. He lives in San Diego, California, with his wife, four daughters, and two rescue dogs.

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