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Product Demo: Unlock Your Leadership Potential with What's My Leadership Style

Product Demo: Unlock Your Leadership Potential with What’s My Leadership Style

View on June 26, 2024
Start time 2:00 pm (ET)


Are you looking to reach your full leadership potential and become a more effective leader? If your answer is yes, then understanding your personal leadership style is the first step. Your leadership style influences the way you make decisions, the way you interact with and influence others, the way you operate, and more. Whether you realize it or not, you do have your own leadership style. In fact, everyone does. So, understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and receiving tips to gain the confidence, direction, and support you need to lead effectively is crucial to your success.

If you don’t know what your style is or you want to learn how you can hone your current strengths and improve your weaknesses as a leader, join expert Mike Brenner, founder and CEO of Right Chord Leadership, for this product demo webinar where he’ll dig deep into HRDQ’s management development tool, What’s My Leadership Style.

What’s My Leadership Style is a leadership assessment and training workshop that is designed to help organizational leaders, managers, and supervisors improve their performance and become more effective leaders. Using this validated assessment, you can quickly and accurately identify your preference for one of four behavioral patterns based on measures of assertiveness and expressiveness: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic.

With an increased awareness of their personal style, leaders and aspiring leaders can assess and adjust their reactions and interpret the behaviors of others to lead more effectively.

Mike will show you how What’s My Leadership Style works and how it can benefit you and your team. This product demo webinar will also cover the uses and applications of What’s My Leadership Style, including how it can be used as a standalone training instrument or incorporated into a more comprehensive program on leadership.

In addition to learning about the benefits of What’s My Leadership Style, attendees of this product demo webinar will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the product and its application so you can feel confident using it for yourself and in your organization.

So, if you’re ready to unlock your leadership potential, join Mike for this product demo webinar on What’s My Leadership Style.

This live event is free. A recording will be available after the event with an HRDQ-U Membership for Learning Professionals.

Attendees will learn

  • About the four leadership styles.
  • The benefits of What’s My Leadership Style on individuals and organizations.
  • How to use and implement What’s My Leadership Style.
  • How to become a more effective leader.

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What’s My Leadership Style

Discover your leadership potential with What’s My Leadership Style. This management development tool, leadership style assessment, and training workshop can help you understand your leadership style so you can leverage your strengths and work on your weaknesses, leading to improved performance and success as a leader.

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Dr. Michael Brenner, founder and CEO of Right Chord Leadership. Michael collaborates with leaders and teams at all levels to strengthen the essential skills needed for peak performance. He achieves this by drawing on more than two decades of experience as an international leadership consultant, executive coach, keynote speaker, and educator, and more than 35 years as a professional musician. Michael’s unconventional workshops, executive coaching sessions, and consulting services – grounded in the belief that “When people work in harmony, great things happen!”™ – have helped clients increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve customer service, and create more inclusive work environments.

Michael is the creator of the CHORDS Model™ which consists of six key “notes” all successful leaders and teams play: C (Communication), H (Harmony), O (Ownership), R (Respect), D (Direction), and S (Support). He has partnered with leading organizations in a variety of industries, including law firm Ballard Spahr, Morgan Properties, Burlington Stores, QVC, Penn Medicine, and Boeing. He has also worked for several not-for-profit organizations, including JEVS, United Way, and Habitat for Humanity.

He holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College at Columbia University and a master’s degree in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University. He has taught courses in organizational behavior, systems dynamics, negotiations, and interpersonal relations (among others) at Immaculata University, Temple University, and La Salle University. Currently, he is on the faculty of Penn State University, Immaculata University, and the Kogod School of Business at American University.



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