Motivational Currency® The Coins of Influence and Inclusion | Recorded Webinar

Motivational Currency: The Coins of Influence and Inclusion

This On-Demand event was originally presented on October 17, 2023 (60 min)


Join Dr. Fazio in this engaging session as he offers a fresh perspective on performance motivation, urging us to shift our focus from merely attempting to motivate others to a deeper exploration of what truly drives individuals. This approach seamlessly merges situational leadership with motivation, cultivating a heightened awareness that leads to deliberate influence. Throughout the discussion, Dr. Fazio will delve into the four core motivators: Performance, People, Power, and Purpose, enabling participants to uncover and interpret these motivators both within themselves and in others.

Explore profiles extracted from the Motivational Currency Calculator (MCC), a powerful tool that delivers insights into Recognition (your personal motivators), Reading (how to discern the motivators of others), and Leading (choosing effective responses that enhance engagement and performance motivation). Then, the presentation will highlight “smartcuts” and straightforward strategies, emphasizing the significance of emotional intelligence, motivation, and influence.

By the conclusion of this webinar, you will possess the skills to recognize your own motivators, decipher the motivators in those around you, and lead with purposeful intention. Driven by a passion for fostering a community that values diversification in engagement and motivation, particularly in today’s uncertain climate, Dr. Fazio firmly believes that collectively, we can tailor our approaches to meet individuals where they are and achieve shared success.

Attendees will learn

  • To leverage an approach that is not one-size-fits-all and plays to people’s strengths and drivers.
  • To appreciate a diverse range of motivators and appreciate what is important to others.
  • To break out of the performance motivation myths that hold you back.
  • To build their influence capital through learning a unique, time-tested approach to engaging and connecting with a diverse range of people and styles.
  • The language of motivation: Performance, Power, People, and Purpose.
  • To master the art of Recognizing, Reading, and Leading motivators in yourself and others.
  • To discover how to invite people to be motivated from the inside out.
  • How to build a Motivational Bank Account for themselves and others.
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Motivational Currency: The Coins of Influence and Inclusion

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Dr. Rob Fazio, managing partner at OnPoint Advising, brings over 20 years of consulting expertise, specializing in global leadership and organizational success through his original research on power, influence, conversations, and motivation. He has advised healthcare professionals during the Covid-19 crisis, contributed to major publications, developed the Motivational Currency® Calculator, and worked with a diverse range of clients, including elite performers and athletes while holding a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and licensure as a psychologist in Pennsylvania.

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