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Manage UP: Amplify your Visibility, Voice and Value

This On-Demand event was originally presented on January 2, 2024 (60 min)


All too often managing up focuses primarily on understanding the manager and their style of working, leading and communicating. To manage up successfully, professionals must pay attention to three related factors:

  1. Deepening your understanding of yourself in your work role,
  2. Understanding your manager’s role, and
  3. Appreciating their working style.


Investing time in understanding others is always valuable, but stopping short at that exposes you to missing key opportunities for being seen as reputable, sociable, and knowledgeable: an influencer, in the eyes of those who can determine your next promotion or pay rise.

Like Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle where “why” is far more central and critical to engaging others before expanding into the “what” and “how,” managing up successfully starts with you. Amplify your visibility, voice, and value so that when you learn more about your manager and their style, you are better equipped to relate to, to speak up, to step up, and to play a bigger game to get a yes from your manager.

In this webinar, you will learn key tips and strategies to help you manage up including quick and easy ways to be more visible, speak up, and own your personal power. You’ll also learn what you need to do to understand your manager’s role and style.

Attendees will learn

  • What it really means to manage up.
  • The three areas to focus on to be your manager’s first choice.
  • The three career-enhancing outcomes from managing up successfully.
  • What you need to understand your manager’s role and why you should learn this.
  • What you can do to identify your manager’s style quickly and easily.
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Manage UP: Amplify your Visibility, Voice and Value

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Sally Foley-Lewis helps managers be high performing, purposeful, and productive. Obsessed with boosting productivity and self-leadership that ensures people reach their potential. Sally positively impacts your results, confidence and effectiveness.

  • 2020 Gold Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Services
  • 2020 Bronze Stevie Award – Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Consumer Services
  • Awarded the 2020 Breakthrough Speaker of the Year by Professional Speakers Australia
  • 2019 finalist for Australian Learning Professional of the Year
  • 2019 Bronze Stevie International Business Award
  • Winning Champion Sole Trader in the 2019 Australian Small Business Champion Awards
  • One of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices for Australia for 2018 for her thought leadership.


She has authored multiple books. Her book The Productive Leader received an endorsement from the renowned global personal development guru Brian Tracy. The drive to support and skill managers comes from her own senior leadership experiences. Sally delivers presentations, keynote speeches, workshops and coaching – all online and face-to-face – to help skill managers, boost productivity and self-leadership.

Blending 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the Middle East, Asia, and across Australia, Sally has extensive qualifications, a wicked sense of humor and an ability to make people feel at ease. Sally’s your first choice for inspiration, mastering skills, facilitating action and achieving results.

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“This webinar was very informative thanks to Sally who kept it entraining and on point at all times. It’s one of the few webinars that I enjoyed and found useful. Thank you, Sally.”

Martina B.

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“The webinars presented through HRDQ-U are so informative and very useful.”

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“Wonderful webinar! Useful and applicable information that will help the relationship with my manager and coworkers immediately! Thank you.”

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