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Learning from Experience: Making Leadership Development Intentional, Not Incidental



“How can we develop better leadership talent more quickly?” This question is front-of-mind for growth-oriented leaders in both corporate and government. Unfortunately, one practical approach, experience-driven development, has been under-utilized.

Organizations can avoid the risks associated with inadequate leadership, and prepare leaders for uncertain future scenarios, in two ways. The first is by sharing past experiences with each other as a source of practical lessons about leading. The second is by planning for future experiences and lessons to learn to make themselves and others ready for becoming senior leaders. This structured approach to developing oneself and others is the best guarantee that your organization’s talent pipeline will be filled and flowing.

In this  60-minute  thought-provoking,  interactive and  experiential session, we will use a popular and internationally acclaimed tool- the Experience Explorer™ (EE) card deck — to demonstrate how experiences can be used by you and your teams  to become more effective and successful as leaders.

Attendees will learn

  • Understand the value of “learning from experience” for leadership development
  • Understand how Experience Explorer(EE) cards provide a structure for leadership development efforts- for individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Gain an overview of the four decades of research on which the EE cards are based
  • Understand how the EE cards can be used to facilitate leadership development conversations


Meena Surie Wilson, Ph.D is the Executive Director, Genpact Center for Women’s Leadership, a first-of-its-kind industry-academia partnership between Genpact and Ashoka University. A versatile 25-year veteran of the leadership development industry, her current responsibilities include mobilizing world-class resources to promote women’s leadership and gender equity across regions, industry sectors and generations in India.

Anand Chandrasekar is a senior research faculty at Center for Creative Leadership. Anand combines the rigor of academia with a practical approach to research and then translates the resulting knowledge into solutions that provide sustained impact on individuals, businesses, and the world. His research interests lie at the intersection of three broad domains: leadership development, positive psychology, and Indian psychology. Anand holds a B.E. from University of Madras and a M.Bus from Nanyang Technological University.



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