Leading a Remote Team? Rally Your Virtual Team to Optimal Efficiency and Productivity

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HRDQ-U Webinar | Leading a Remote Team

Leading a Remote Team? Rally Your Virtual Team to Optimal Efficiency and Productivity



Lead a remote team? Then you’re responsible for the vitality, engagement, productivity and efficiency of your entire team! How do you drive performance, participation and production while connecting with your team virtually?

Join Brenda Chaddock, president of Odyssey Leadership Center, as you learn techniques for building interactivity in webinars and virtual meetings. Gain insider techniques to deliver measurable results from your online events. You will learn to improve productivity and efficiency through immersive connection and interest driven interactions with colleagues and attendees.

Make your online events more compelling, interesting and enjoyable to attend by improving your presentation style and use of interactive web conferencing features.

Keeping audiences focused on your message during webinars, virtual meetings and online classes translates to more opportunities to turn attendees into leads and loyal graduates of your programs! Keeping your remote team engaged leads to your remote teams’ success and your success as their leader!

Attendees will learn

  • Acquire tools for keeping group focus, for creating interesting and worthwhile classes and for ensuring each participant feels s/he is learning and contributing.
  • Learn how to achieve greater meeting involvement through sharing information, idea generation and engagement.
  • Explore the challenges associated with and exciting possibilities for meeting in virtual space.
  • Discover the principles and techniques for creating effective virtual meetings and classes that engage participants and gain long lasting frameworks, keys and insider tips for success.
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Leading a Remote Team? Rally Your Virtual Team to Optimal Efficiency and Productivity


Brenda Chaddock is a world-class speaker, facilitator, mentor and teacher who brings to her work years and layers of education and experience in people development and living with vision. With a background in nursing, adult education and life & health mastery, Brenda has worked privately, publicly, with government and corporate clients, both nationally and internationally, for the past 40 years.

Rosanna von Sacken has been working with groups for over 20 years, providing process facilitation, such as strategic visioning, action planning, issue resolution, capacity building, operational reviews, community / multi-stakeholder consultation and emergency management consulting services. Her clients range from local, provincial and federal governments to crown corporations, from private to First Nations to the non-profit sectors. Rosanna has a broad range of experiences, knowledge and skills.



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