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How to Plan and Lead an Effective In-Person or Virtual Meeting



How is a meeting different than a presentation? How do you engage people and get consensus in a phone meeting? Do we really need to meet anyways? Join us for an informative webinar that will help trainers get up to speed fast.

In this webinar, Natasha Terk, owner of Advanced Communication Designs, Inc. and Write It Well, will lead a lively and interactive webinar that will help attendees gain clarity about a meeting’s purpose and audience, prepare effectively, keep the conversation on track, and follow up without nagging.

Attendees will learn

  • Who is the right audience and what they need to contribute (a meeting is not a presentation)
  • How to spend the right amount of time to have a successful meeting (pre read, agenda)
  • Determine how to reach the destination (defining the purpose, getting to agreement, using the parking lot, corralling runaways)
  • How to get ownership around next steps and keep follow up to a minimum (agreements, assignments, reminders)


Natasha Terk is the president of Adcom Designs and managing director of Write It Well. She has spent 15 years helping busy professionals save time and improve results by communicating more clearly.

She leads workshops, webinars, and coaching engagements for clients who want to equip their workforce with tools that accelerate business. Popular programs include Business Writing, Writing Performance Reviews, and Presentation Skills. Natasha also offers her job-relevant, easy-to-adopt communication and productivity strategies in a series of seven books: The Write It Well Series on Business Communication.

Formerly the director of a Singapore-based business, Natasha has consulted with hundreds of organizations around the world and trained thousands of people. Her clients – including multinational corporations, businesses, government, nonprofit, and public agencies – engage her firm to solve the communication challenges that hurt business.


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