How to Lead in a Collaborative Virtual Environment

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How to Lead in a Collaborative Virtual Environment

How to Lead in a Collaborative Virtual Environment

This On-Demand event was originally presented on April 3, 2020 (60 min)


If you face some of the following dilemmas: geographic dispersion, remote locations, no face-to-face contact, dual reporting, or accountability and responsibility without direct authority, then this webinar is for you.

How to Lead in a Collaborative Virtual Environment focuses on the competencies and capabilities needed to manage others in global, virtual, and matrixed organizational environments. In today’s world of virtual teams and geographically remote execution, you’re only as good – or effective – as your network. So what is needed to execute work effectively in your series of interconnected, virtual “webs”?

In this webinar, you will learn the skills and competencies required to influence and persuade others to mutually beneficial outcomes, create and maintain connectedness with people that you have either never met or have infrequent contact with, and “manage” individuals with whom you may have no direct control.

This webinar is based on the training resource, Matrix Manager Inventory, an assessment-based training program that helps managers learn how to flex between different styles to master matrix management.

Attendees of the webinar about leadership in a collaborative virtual environment will learn

  • How to balance the competencies required in traditional management with the competencies required to be effective in matrixed, virtual settings.
  • How to compare the decision-making criteria required in management hierarchies with those required to be effective in a remote management and participation role.
  • How to define the role set or network needed to operate in order to be successful in a virtual environment.
  • How to optimize remote location execution, participation, and productivity.
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How to Lead in a Collaborative Virtual Environment


James Eicher is the creator of Cognitive Management, which applies research from the cognitive sciences to organization and leadership behavior. Jim has held leadership positions at KPMG, Booz Allen Hamilton, Symantec, and IBM, focusing on organizational change management (OCM), learning and development, and organization design/implementation.

Jim is the author of Making the Message Clear, and he is co-author, with the late John Jones and William Bearley, of the management assessments Matrix Manager Inventory: Leading in a Collaborative Environment, the Neurolinguistic Communication Profile, Rapport: Matching and Mirroring Communication, and Post-Heroic Leadership: Managing the Virtual Organization.



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