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Engaging Presentations in Hybrid Times: Juggling Success with a Blended Audience



First, there was face-to-face, then came virtual…now comes hybrid!

Connecting with an audience when some members are in person and some members are virtual throws hurdles at us, we might not even know we’ll have to jump. How do we involve both groups? How do we encourage discussion between them? What happens when our virtual audience feels excluded or tunes out? In this program, we’ll examine how to effectively grab and keep the interest and attention of both audiences.

Attendees will learn

  • The best ways to create an “all-inclusive” presentation.
  • How to deliver a presentation that encourages discussion from both groups.
  • Specific activities that can be done simultaneously with live and virtual members.
  • How to master their virtual image.
  • How to self-assess a hybrid presentation’s performance.


Lynne Breil is a “Manners Maven” and has been spreading the gospel about ‘people skills’ in the workplace for over 25 years. She is the founder of The Professional Edge, Inc., is a Certified Speaking professional, and a Certified Virtual Presenter. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Communications at York College of Pennsylvania. She is the author of two books, Best in Class: Etiquette and People Skills for Your Career (2018), and Making the Grade: Presentation Success from Classroom to Conference Room (2019). A former Miss America Semi-Finalist, Lynne is a sought-after speaker on the topics of business etiquette, presentation skills, and leadership presence. She’s a trained concert pianist, a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, and an avid golfer.

Christina Butler transitions 20 years of covering breaking news as a reporter and anchor into professional coaching on presentation skills, development and media management.  As a speaker, she uses her expertise in impression management, relationship building, and media coaching to help our clients in a variety of industries. Virtually, Christina enjoys connecting with clients and audiences on best practices for virtual engagement and presence.  She is a contributing author for Best in Class: Etiquette and People Skills for Your Career (2018), and Making the Grade: Presentation Success from Classroom to Conference Room (2019).  When she is not speaking or on television, Christina enjoys spending time outside with her husband and two children.

Learn more at www.theprofessionaledgeinc.com.


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