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Employer Branding in the New Normal



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed more than the employee experience, it has fundamentally changed the way the world looks at life. Employees are taking stock of what matters to them. Now more than ever, employers must approach the employee experience and ultimately their employer brand with intentionality.

Learn employer brand fundamentals and how to build a workplace culture that matters. Discover the future (and present for progressive employers) of the employee experience. Get inspired to tell powerful stories that unite your team while magnetizing prospective talent to join the journey.

In this webinar, we dig deep and help you begin the process of discovering your best self as an employer. Make 2021 a transformative year for positive change!

Attendees will learn

  • Employer brand fundamentals.
  • Why an EVP is the core of one’s people strategy.
  • The future of the employee experience.
  • Inclusive storytelling to unite your organization.
  • Why now is the time to take action.


Alyssa Krane is a Certified HR Leader (CHRL) and Chief Talent Strategist at Powerhouse Talent Inc. Passionate about the power of an authentic brand’s ability to magnetize incredible talent to an organization, unite the current workforce, and enable a rich culture, Alyssa has guided leaders on progressive people strategy for twenty years. Her expertise has been featured in global publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Money, etc. Alyssa is also the author of Peace, Love, & Meaningful Careers: Escape legacy behaviors. Spark a cultural metamorphosis. Change the energy of your organization.

Powerhouse Talent Inc. is an employer brand and employee experience strategy firm. They help organizations stand out in a sea of sameness and discover their best selves to foster a cultural metamorphosis and ignite employee engagement.


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