Creating Hyper Stories for Instant Learning

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HRDQ-U Webinar | Creating Hyper Stories for Instant Learning

Creating Hyper Stories for Instant Learning

This On-Demand event was originally presented on December 16, 2015 (60 min)


Learners and leaders complain, saying,We can’t afford the time, there’s no budget, and training must be done ASAP.This is getting worse becauseconnectedworkers want to learn short, simple, and straight-to-the-point lessons. The easy approach, which often still fails, is to simply chunk the content. But how does one chunk the content and still make it engaging and teach the lesson?

Join expert Ray Jimenez for one hour of training. Hyper Stories for Instant Learning is an approach that helps designers and leaders find high-value and highly useful content and match them with work-related stories that are full of emotional experiences. As a result, learners pay attention. They learn and apply the ideas quickly.

Attendees will learn

  • To apply steps in dissecting big content and find the most useful content.
  • To identify, write, and formulate Hyper Stories to match the value content.
  • To apply the Hyper Story lessons for compliance, technical, people skills, and other types of learning.
  • Learn from and apply methods from live demos, examples, and templates.
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Creating Hyper Stories for Instant Learning

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Ray Jimenez is the Chief Learning Strategist for and has spent 15 years with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the areas of management consulting and implementation of learning technology solutions. Currently, Ray is the Chief Learning Strategist for Ray has worked with the American Bankers Association, Dollar Tree Stores, U.S. Force, NASA, Blue Cross, Goodwill Industries, Pixar Studios, California Institute of Technology, and many others. Ray is the author of 3-Minute e-Learning, Scenario-Based Learning, Micro-Learning Applications and Impacts, and Story Impacts- Using Stories and Systems to Impact Performance. Workshop participants describe Ray as fun, engaging, technically savvy, provocative, inspiring, and “has depth in e-learning experience and innovation solutions.”



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