BullyProof: How to Influence Alphas When the Stakes are High

BullyProof: How to Influence Alphas When the Stakes are High



Bully Proof book by Rob Fazio
Every day millions suffer from workplace bullying. The financial, physical, and psychological cost is immense: toxic leadership costs businesses billions of dollars annually in turnover alone. Yet the common approaches of dealing with bullies by either avoiding or attacking cause more problems than solutions. In this interactive session Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Rob Fazio, PhD will offer practical frameworks and strategies to become “BullyProof.”

This session is based on Rob’s newest book, BullyProof. It’s not a book about giving up, giving in, or losing. Contrary to popular belief, power is something anyone can build in themselves and others. He explains that there are ways to win that don’t focus on making sure someone loses. Rob will leverage over 20 years of working with underdogs and top dogs to equip participants to take ownership of their power and use it for good.

Rob’s new book, BullyProof, is available on Amazon.com

Take Rob’s free Wait, Am I a Bully? quiz as preparation for this webinar.

Attendees will learn

  • The four types of alphas—and the difference between an alpha and a bully.
  • How to develop Value-Based Power for effective, balanced influence at work and home.
  • How to identify bullying behaviors you may unintentionally engage in.
  • How to understand the approach of Subtle Strength to demonstrate calm confidence, backbone, and respect.
  • How to leverage 4 quizzes to take intentional action
  • How to protect and strengthen others, your organization, and society


Dr. Rob Fazio is the Managing Partner at OnPoint Advising specializing in global leadership and organizational success. His approach to advising combines original research on power, influence, conversations, and motivation as well as over 20 years of consulting to elite performers.

During the Covid-19 crisis Dr. Fazio has been advising hospitals and conducting presentations on Growth Leadership in Times of Crisis to support front line health professionals and executive leadership. His work on Flattening the Anxiety Curve has been featured on Fox News and in The Hill.

Based on his experiences in sport psychology and executive development, he teaches clients how to remove barriers to function at optimal levels. He has worked with executive teams and coached executives throughout organizations including the C-Suite, surgeons, and emerging leaders.

Dr.Fazio has contributed to ForbesNBC NewsNY Daily NewsHER MagazineCEO MagazinePhiladelphia Business Journal, and American Management Association. His advice on navigating turbulent times and politics has been featured in the NY Times and on CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and local networks.

His book, Simple is the New Smart (foreword by Neil Cavuto), features success strategies he has gleaned from over a decade and a half of working with athletes, executives, and people driven toward excellence.

Recently, he developed the Motivational Currency® Calculator. This self-assessment reveals what drives people, how well someone can read another person’s motivators, and how effective someone is at using the best approach to tap into someone’s motivators.

He has developed significant expertise in advising Fortune 500 organizations globally develop, advise, and retain employees based on a future-oriented strategy, organizational values, culture, and person/position fit. He has worked internationally in a variety of industries including finance/banking, private equity, accounting, media, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, telecommunications, chemicals, retail, sports, public utilities, and nonprofits. Rob is often asked to be a keynote speaker or facilitator at executive offsites.

Dr. Fazio has served as a performance excellence consultant to a variety of organizations and athletic teams. He participated in the development and facilitation of the life-skills portion of the NFL’s Coaching Academy and the PGA’s 1st Tee programs.

He is the founder and President of a September 11th inspired nonprofit organization, Hold The Door For Others. The organization’s mission is to empower people to grow through any type of loss and adversity and achieve their dreams, www.HOLDTHEDOOR.com.

Prior to starting OnPoint Advising, he worked at Leadership Research Institute and Hay Group. Rob completed his B.A. in Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University. He earned an M.Ed. in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College and a MS in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Fazio earned his PhD in Counseling Psychology, with a subspecialty in consulting, and completed his clinical rotation at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Fazio is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. He lives just outside Philadelphia in Haddonfield NJ with his wife Keli and daughters Reese and Rae and their adopted Great Dane, Cannoli.


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OnPoint Advising

OnPoint Advising specializes in global leadership and organizational success. Dr. Rob Fazio is a managing partner of OnPoint and an elite advisor to executives who specializes in influence, power, and motivation. When he speaks, he captivates audiences by helping people understand their Motivational Currency®.

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