Influencing Without Authority

HRDQ-U Webinar | Influencing Without Authority

60 minutes

Because the core processes of a business—ones that are responsible for creating end-products or services—cut across functions, the best and most efficient way to meet the customer’s needs is to improve the way in which people in these related functional areas work together.  This collaboration enables the organization to accomplish goals and implement major change initiatives more quickly and with better quality than if each function operated as a separate “fiefdom.”  Key to success in this environment is being able to work effectively with people across the organization, over whom one may have no authority.

Influence without Authority focuses on the behaviors used by the most effective influencers and is for anyone who works on a team or needs to work across organizational boundaries.

What to learn more? Read the post How to Master Influencing Without Authority.

Attendees will learn

  • Recognize the influence tactics used by effective managers
  • Assess situations to determine which tactics would be most and least effective
  • Develop an influence plan to gain support from the people you need to achieve your objectives and business challenges 

Who should attend

  • Training and HR professionals
  • Independent consultants
  • Managers delivering training


Rick Lepsinger

Rick Lepsinger is President of OnPoint Consulting. Rick’s career has focused on helping organizations and leaders identify and develop leaders, work better virtually, enhance cross functional team performance, and get from strategy to execution faster. He conducts numerous seminars and workshops on succession management, leading from a distance, leading cross functional teams, and enhancing execution.  Rick has written numerous articles and is the author or co-author of several books.

Connect with Rick at LinkedIn or on Twitter @lepsinger.

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