Microlearning: Learning in the Flow of Work

Microlearning: Learning in the Flow of Work

This On-Demand event was originally presented on September 26, 2023 (60 min)


Microlearning focuses on supporting people and solving problems that hinder employee success, with the main goal of achieving results at work and providing solutions to learners when and where they need them. Furthermore, working learners prefer to search and find solutions by themselves without relying on formal training content, and microlearning caters to this need. With the widespread use of mobile tools, now is the right time to extend learning into the flow of work.

In this session, we will explore how microlearning can be integrated into an organization’s learning path to develop and train employees. Learners can identify a solution, apply it, and assess opportunities to coach and learn faster in the context in a fast, effective manner. Additionally, we will review six techniques and examine how learning developers can utilize this model with existing content to meet business needs in a timely fashion. Moreover, we will discuss different strategies and options available and examine when microlearning is an appropriate solution to meet individual performance needs.

Attendees will learn

  • To define microlearning.
  • To identify three common types of microlearning.
  • To identify when microlearning is an appropriate solution.
  • Six techniques to design and develop effective microlearning.

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William J. Ryan, Ph.D., is the Principal Consultant with Ryan Consulting, LLC, using learning as a strategic business tool to develop and impact people to improve retention, engagement, and performance. Bill has a demonstrated record of corporate and industrial management experience leading performance support and instructional design teams globally.

For more information, please contact him via email at wjryan@ix.netcom.com.

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Microlearning: Learning in the Flow of Work

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HRDQ sponsors this event. For 45 years, HRDQ has provided research-based, off-the-shelf soft-skills training resources for classroom, virtual, and online training. From assessments and workshops to experiential hands-on games, HRDQ helps organizations improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and more.

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Ryan Consulting, LLC

Our mission is to provide your organization solutions to develop high-performing people in the flow of work using learning and performance support systems as strategic business tools focused on improving engagement and driving retention, targeting people, processes, and platforms that impact the business culture.

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