When Leaders Care, They Recruit Employees Who Care

When Leaders Care, They Recruit Employees Who Care
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After reviewing what seemed to be an endless number of resumes for a key position, I asked the members of our team, the selection committee, to narrow the candidate pool down to five. I further instructed the team to keep in mind that they are responsible for recommending their future coworkers. The committee did the first round of interviews and reported back that each interview seemed to go better than the last as they presented me with their recommendations in their priority order. Given the positive remarks from the committee about the candidates, I asked two members of the committee to join me in the final round of interviews and to bring in all five candidates. As the committee discussed the pending selection, it was determined that because of the exceptional quality of the candidates that I approach the CEO to request budgeting to make multiple selections. Approval was granted, and selections were made. As I received word that offers were accepted, I immediately called each candidate to welcome them onboard, let them know how happy the team and I were to have them join us, asked them what I could do to help them transition from their current employer to ours, and let them know to feel free to call with any questions during the transition period.

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As time passed, the new hires excelled at each opportunity.  They worked with existing team members to learn their new duties, looked for opportunities to introduce improvements to current practices, and brought in new ideas and suggestions. There were bumps along the way but the team environment focusing on results, caring, accountability, and inclusion that we worked toward promoting was there.

I share this story because it is important for leaders to keep in mind that when striving toward creating or maintaining a caring environment, their actions must take into consideration existing staff as well as future staff.  It is imperative that leaders work with their team to ensure that new hires will not only possess the technical skills to do the job but also have the ability and desire to share the team’s established norms.

When making selections, please consider incorporating the following questions into your existing interview process:

  • Team/Organization Fit
    Will the applicant agree and adhere to the expectations set for:

    • Work schedules
    • Team goals
    • Professional integrity
    • Business etiquette


  • Current and Future Job-Skill Capacity
    What is the applicant’s ability to perform the duties of the position?

    • Ability, aptitude, and necessary motivation to perform required functions
    • Necessary credentials (if applicable)


  • Interpersonal Skills
    Does the applicant have good communication and interaction skills?

    • Caring, concern, and empathy for others
    • Appropriate and effective listening skills
    • Teamwork
    • Flexibility
    • Patience
    • Dependability


  • Past Performance and Accomplishments
    • Verifiable examples


In closing, it is all our jobs as leaders and followers to genuinely care about the members of our team and it needs to start as soon as possible!

For more information about creating, improving, or maintaining a productive and caring work environment, please visit www.teambogie.com.

Written by Chris Boguslaw, M Ed

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