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Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience (Part 1)

Thriving Through Change

Good News! You are already resilient, or you wouldn’t be reading this today.  

Plans change all the time, how do we adapt and move on?

You are a direct beneficiary of millions of years of nature experimenting with how to evolve to live in ever changing conditions and building resilience. Humans and you personally have been responding and making sense of how to become resilient. Each of these choices has contributed to a pattern of navigating through multiple changes and challenges in your life and work. Now we are in the midst of changes and challenges of a greater magnitude and duration than we expected-affecting our economic, social, environmental and health in ways that we couldn’t have anticipated. Most of us did not take the “class” on resilience in school and now could use a refresher on what people who do well, do in these kinds of circumstances. We could all use some help in extending our ability to respond and adapt.

Most of the stories about “resilience” feature heroic people who overcame big losses, major disruption in health, life and sanity. Their stories feature great feats of endurance, examples of persistence and triumph making “resilience” sound like something that we only use when things are really bad. Thinking about resilience this way also leaves a residue of guilt and disappointment if we can be as resilient as the people, we hear stories about. 

>>Learn more at the webinar: Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience

I’d like to reset our idea that resilience is just for really bad times and introduce you seeing resilience as an everyday way of thinking about your life going forward.  We do know a lot about what people do in these heroic situations and can learn and adapt the core of these approaches to our everyday practices. We often associate resilience with making really big changes to restore our health and balance.  What if instead of waiting for these big disruptions, we thought about using our resilience practices all the time.  

The map of resilience I use has 5 areas, like the different “lands” at Disneyland.  Each has its own flavor and can be visited in any order or any length of time. I will take you on a tour of this map, drawn from my research and experience applying these principles to people in the workplaces in my upcoming  webinar, sponsored by HRDQ Thriving Through Change: Reactivating Your Resilience – June 29, 2022.  (link to register) You will discover how each of these areas are already part of your life and often just need some additional attention and direction to help you restore your confidence and capacity.  

I’ll be talking about how you can apply what we know about who does well amidst challenges, to enhancing your everyday work and life to build up a reservoir of resilience. You’ll leave with knowing:    

  • How you could become a shade more resilient each day 
  • How you could build up capacity you can use when challenges arise 
  • How to use what is already working to navigate with the elevated uncertainty the future holds 

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