The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, the true measure of leadership goes beyond innate personality traits. It encompasses specific, observable behaviors that can be developed and refined. Understanding what great leaders do at their peak is crucial for fostering effective leadership within any organization. Through extensive research, we have identified The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model – core practices that these leaders consistently exhibit. This model provides a clear framework for understanding and developing leadership behaviors that drive exceptional outcomes.

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Don’t miss this intriguing webinar from HRDQ-U

Great Leadership Create Great Companies

Leadership Is about Behavior

Leadership is not about personality. It’s about behavior – an observable set of skills and abilities. When we first set out to discover what great leaders actually do when they are at their personal best, we collected thousands of stories from ordinary people about their peak leadership experiences.

Despite differences in culture, gender, age, and other variables, these “Personal Best” stories revealed similar patterns of behavior. In fact, we discovered that when leaders are at their personal best there are five core practices common to all: they Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and last but certainly not least, they Encourage the Heart.

About the Model

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model continues to prove its effectiveness as a clear, evidence-based path to achieving the extraordinary for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities. It turns the abstract concept of leadership into easy-to-grasp practices and behaviors that can be taught and learned by anyone willing to step up and accept the challenge to lead. The model’s principles are not just theoretical; they are grounded in real-world experiences and validated by rigorous research.

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), one of the most widely used leadership assessment instruments in the world, has consistently shown that The Five Practices are positively related to leadership effectiveness. Ongoing studies confirm that leaders who frequently demonstrate these behaviors see higher levels of commitment, engagement, and satisfaction among their followers. This evidence underscores the model’s value as a tool for developing leaders who can inspire and drive their teams toward extraordinary achievements.

By adopting The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, organizations can cultivate leaders who not only meet but exceed expectations, creating a ripple effect of positive outcomes that benefit everyone involved. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an emerging leader, these practices provide a roadmap to achieving your personal best and fostering a culture of excellence within your organization.

Check out the Leadership Practices Inventory on HRDQstore, and transform your leaders into exemplary leaders today.

Jim Kouzes
Jim Kouzes

Jim Kouzes is an experienced executive and served as president, then CEO and chairman of the Tom Peters Company. Prior to his tenure at TPC he directed the Executive Development Center at Santa Clara University. He also founded the Joint Center for Human Services Development at San Jose State University.   

The Wall Street Journal has cited Jim as one of the twelve best executive educators in the U.S. He is the 2010 recipient of the Thought Leadership Award from the Instructional Systems Association, listed in 2010-2013 as one of HR Magazine’s Most Influential International Thinkers, named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior by Trust Across America in 2010-2015 and honored as one of its Lifetime Achievement recipients in 2015, selected by Global Gurus as one of the Top 30 Leadership Gurus in 2015 and ranked by Leadership Excellence magazine as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders over the last 10 years. 

Connect with Jim on LinkedIn.

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