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James Evanow and HRDQ-U recently hosted a free webinar entitled, Emotional Intelligence—From a Different Perspective! James Evanow is an international speaker, author, coach, and a serial entrepreneur. His passion for helping people inspired him to write his first book, Wisdom From the Sea, which chronicles his tales of adventure at sea in the context of leadership. James has had diverse experience in the business world. He is a certified Life Coach, and has trained as Personal Empowerment Coach under the Tony Robbins coaching program, “Strategic Intervention.” James knows that the slightest deviation can take you off course and prevent you from reaching your goals and destination.

Over 790 people registered to listen to the webinar live. Missed it? Click here now!

“Excellent webinar, enjoyed Mr. Evanow very much… Thank you!!!”

“James is an excellent presenter via an online webinar. The module had useful information and the format kept the attendee’s attention throughout the module.”

Emotional Intelligence is how we interpret the rules that control our emotions.

The agenda for the webinar was as follows:

  • How to really connect with people
  • How to really connect with your self
  • How the ego can control your very existence
  • How to break free from old patterns

We began the session with a question. “Why is it when we heard the term emotional intelligence, we immediately think of the brain?” Evanow explained how the brain is not always our best friend. We cannot always trust it and it can be a storage center for toxic waste and old patterns.

Then he asked another question. “What do we think about when we see a heart?” The replies were love, compassion, empathy…all values that have nothing to do with the brain.

How does the ego come into play? Well, it is conditioned by the past, the environment, culture and upbringing. It identifies with “things”.

These behaviors, beliefs, and patterns shape our leadership style that follows us around in our workplace environment and into our personal lives and relationships.

It is really important to align our values with our core beliefs. Not religious or traditional beliefs, but the thoughts that come from your mind. Some values that need to be aligned are love, happiness, health, wealthy, adventure, helping people, family and community. Do you know what your values are? Are they the same as this list?

There are Six Human Needs. They are:

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty/Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Love/Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

Many of those needs have changed for people since the recession a few years back. Have they for you?

One more question to ponder. “Who is in control? The brain, the heart or the ego?”

Do you want to learn more about Emotional Intelligence?  Do you want to find out how changing your perspective can change your world? If so, then click here to watch the recorded session.

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