The Crucial Role of Exemplary Leadership in the Workplace

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In an organization, numerous elements contribute to its success. Great products, a sound strategy, and talented people are undeniably critical. However, there’s one factor that stands above all in determining whether these elements will reach their full potential: exemplary leadership. The essence of making extraordinary things happen lies in the hands of those who lead. Without exceptional leadership, even the most promising components can fall short, yielding only a fraction of their possible impact.

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Great Leadership Create Great Companies

The Impact of Great Leadership

All factors of an organization rest on leadership. While a stellar product can attract customers and a robust strategy can chart a clear path forward, it is leadership that brings these elements into a high-performing whole. Poor leadership can diminish the effectiveness of great products and strategies, limiting their potential to just a third or half of what they could achieve. Conversely, great leadership can elevate an organization, driving innovation, efficiency, and exceptional outcomes.

Leadership is essential for:

  • Vision and Direction: Great leaders provide a clear vision and direction for their teams, ensuring that everyone is working toward the same goals. This fosters a sense of purpose and motivation among employees.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Leaders inspire and motivate by cultivating an environment where employees feel valued and empowered, which drives engagement and productivity.
  • Adapatability and Resilience: The business landscape is ever-changing, and adaptability is crucial. Leaders are agile and resilient, and they steer their employees through the changes and challenges they face.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Leaders establish clear paths of communication and encourage collaboration, ensuring that organization stays connected and employees are constantly learning.

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

To cultivate great leadership within an organization, there are Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership that shape leaders. These practices include:

  1. Model the Way: Great leaders set the standard by their behavior.
  2. Inspire a Shared Vision: Great leaders inspire their employees to work together to achieve a shared goal.
  3. Challenge the Process: Great leaders aren’t afraid to challenge the process and take things from a different angle.
  4. Enable Others to Act: Great leaders are able to empower their employees to action.
  5. Encourage the Heart: Great leaders inspire their employees and encourage them to be their best.


The question is not “Do leaders make a difference?” It is “How do leaders make a positive difference?” The more frequently leaders demonstrate each of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, the more engaged people are in their workplaces. Another key element in leadership is DWYSYWD. This stands for Do What You Say You Will Do, which shows credibility and leads to strong leadership.

As you can see, leadership matters. Whether you are a chairman or a customer service support person, how you lead sets the tone for your business.

To continue developing exemplary leaders, see how the Leadership Practices Inventory can help you. This inventory explores The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in-depth and helps participants develop personal action plans. You can also watch Jim Kouzes, co-author of Leadership Practices Inventory, in his webinar, Great Leadership Create Great Companies. In this webinar he explores the importance of leadership and how to develop the five practices to transform your organization.

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Great Leadership Create Great Companies

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Great Leadership Create Great Companies
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