Top Team Building Activities Using Playing Cards

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Unlock the power of experiential learning with team-building card games. Card games motivate people to take an active role in the learning process, provide a wide variety of experiences in a highly engaging context, and promote quick mastery of new skills. Not only are card games fun to play, but they also make learning really stick.

HRDQ offers Playing with Style, a team-building card game that is designed to help your audience unlock the secrets of personal style dynamics, uncover strengths and potential challenges, and quickly gain fluency in different styles to interact more effectively with others and improve overall communication.

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webinar from HRDQ-U

Don’t miss this intriguing webinar from HRDQ-U

Play Your Cards Right! How to Use Card Games to Increase Learning Outcomes

Why use card games for training?

The fact of the matter is, in the realm of training methodologies, there’s a stark choice: the conventional lecture, or PowerPoint, approach, or the transformative power of team-building card games. Opting for the latter can revolutionize the way participants perceive and engage with training. It’s worth a shot to try the cards, right?

By immersing participants in interactive gameplay, these games facilitate rapid fluency in various personal styles, empowering individuals to enhance their interpersonal skills and forge deeper connections with others. The inherent motivation to actively engage with the game fosters a sense of ownership over the mastery of personal styles, propelling participants toward tangible and lasting improvement.

Types of team-building training card games

There are three formats of team-building card games:

  1. Classification Cards: Dive into an interactive journey of personal style discovery. Review the text on each card and discern which personal style it represents. Led by the presenter, participants will try to match cards with one of the four distinct styles, fostering a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics.
  2. Practical Advice Cards: Gain invaluable insights and practical wisdom from advice cards. Each person gets five cards. Players look at their hands and pull out one card they think will be the best, most practical, most useful piece of advice. They place it in front of you face down. Somebody mixes up all of the face-down cards, turns them face up, and each card is read. Through collaborative decision-making, players decide on the five pieces of the best advice to guide them on their professional journey.
  3. Fluency Cards: Unlock your creativity. In the fluency card deck, there are four suits – clubs, hearts, spades, and diamonds – and each suit is associated with a different type of behavior. Whoever takes a card has to draw a picture without showing the word on the card. Other players will try to guess what the word or concept is. As players take turns drawing and guessing, fluency in recognizing and interpreting behavioral cues is honed, fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of human interaction.


In conclusion, team-building card games offer a dynamic and immersive approach to learning and skill development. From uncovering personal styles to extracting practical wisdom and enhancing fluency in behavioral cues, and more, games offer a unique opportunity for growth and discovery. By engaging participants in interactive gameplay and fostering collaborative decision-making, facilitators break free from traditional traditional training methods, igniting a passion for learning and propelling individuals toward personal and professional excellence. Whether you’re seeking to enhance interpersonal skills, cultivate effective communication, or foster a culture of collaboration, card games provide the perfect platform for transformative learning experiences. Get started with Playing with Style, and help your audience understand their personal style and the styles of others for better communication and business results.

For more information on card games, Playing with Style, and how to best utilize card games in your next training, join us for Play Your Cards Right! How to Use Card Games to Increase Learning Outcomes, presented by Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan and Tracy Tagliati.

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