How Knowing Your Selling Style Grows Your Sales Numbers

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Sales can be a tricky profession. It requires skill, resilience, determination, and passion. But there is one skill that is more important than the rest: understanding your selling style. Many sales people don’t know their personal style, and they go into a sale blind. But this knowledge can make the difference between closing a sale and a customer walking.

It’s essential to understand how your selling style drives and affects your sales interactions. If you know the strengths and potential trouble spots of each of the four selling styles, you will be able to guide your own sales efforts and anticipate and respond appropriately to your customers’ needs.

Selling style is defined as the way a person performs sales based on their own behavior. Knowing your style is important, but knowing the style of people around you is just as important. For example, if your customer has a style different from your own, the likelihood of making the sale can be dramatically reduced. But when you understand your personal selling style and the individual styles of your customers, you are better able to adjust your behavior and close the deal.

There are four selling styles that people tend to encompass. They are:

  1. Direct. People who take charge, in control, competitive, fast-paced, authoritative, leaders.
  2. Spirited. People who are enthusiastic, friendly, motivators, high-profile, decision makers.
  3. Considerate. People who are warm, counseling, cooperative, reliable, caring.
  4. Systematic. People who are accurate, objective, factual, organized, problem solving.

Once you know which one you are – and which one your current customer is – you can modify your sales technique and be better prepared for the journey through the sales funnel.

Grow your knowledge about your selling style with HRDQ’s webinar “Building Enriched Customer Relationships: What’s My Selling Style?” Join expert John Dieseth as he shares how What’s My Selling Style? empowers salespeople to uncover their own and each customer’s style. It provides powerful techniques on how to alter each sales call to compliment the buyer’s style, enrich the customer relationship, and boost sales. Watch the webinar today!

This webinar is based on the HRDQ product What’s My Selling Style?, a best-selling training tool that helps salespeople analyze how they typically behave in a sales situation, identify their customers’ styles, and learn how to flex their own style to work with their customer. With increased awareness and flexibility, salespeople can use style to maximize sales and rise above the competition. Learn more here.

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