Shannon Tipton

Shannon Tipton

A workplace learning expert for 30+ years, Shannon Tipton fights for learning that sticks. As the founder of Learning Rebels®, she strategically fixes training that’s broken, develops learning that delivers desired business results, and leverages resources wisely. Known for her Rebellious Rebuilding™ Framework, Shannon’s approach to learning reinforcement invites much-needed curiosity and strategy into the L&D world. As a global speaker, Shannon has coached and trained thousands of people worldwide on how to maximize and modernize workplace learning.

In addition to her extensive experience and expertise in workplace learning, Shannon Tipton has also built a robust community of Learning and Development (L&D) professionals. Through her work with Learning Rebels®, she has created a platform that has attracted a diverse group of L&D professionals from various industries and backgrounds to share ideas, strategies, and best practices for creating effective and impactful learning programs.

To join her in the fight for learning that sticks and results that connect, visit Learning Rebels® ⇗.

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