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Dr. Lynne Levesque

Dr. Lynne Levesque holds a degree in Russian Studies from Mount Holyoke College, which led her into teaching and then to graduate school at Rutgers University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Modern European History. She also holds an MBA from University of California at Berkeley. Her love for history and languages was back-burnered by a 17-year successful business career at two very large financial institutions.

After completing her Ed.D. at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she let her passion for the topics of creativity and leadership drive her departure from her business banking career toward independent consulting and adjunct teaching positions in local colleges and universities.

As part of that consulting practice, Lynne published Breakthrough Creativity: Achieving Top Performance Using the Eight Creative Talents (2001) and the Breakthrough Creativity Profile and Facilitator’s Guide (2003, 2012), along with several articles on topics of creativity and leadership. While still consulting, she spent five and a half years as a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, where she co-authored multiple cases and articles on critical leadership challenges.

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