5 ways TikTok-style videos can revolutionize employee onboarding

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If you’ve been living on planet Earth, you’ve probably heard of the cultural phenomenon that is TikTok. And if you’ve been working in Learning and Development for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the 5 C’s of Employee Onboarding, pioneered by Dr. Talya Bauer.

At first glance, you might think that there’s no overlap between the two, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the binge-able principles of the leading social media platform can be easily adapted to support our L&D goals.

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Don’t miss this intriguing webinar from HRDQ-U

Not Just for Dancing: How to Re-Onboard Your Employees Using TikTok Videos

How to Use the 5 C’s of Employee Onboarding for Your Next Employee Onboarding Videos

These five essential elements have revolutionized the onboarding process, ensuring that new hires feel welcomed, connected, and equipped to thrive in their roles. By understanding the significance of culture, compliance, connection, clarification, and confidence, you’ll be equipped with the tools to build a strong foundation for your employees’ success from day one. Learn how to use these Five C’s to engage employees in onboarding through TikTok-style videos.

1. Culture: Create a Culture That Reflects Your Values and Vision

A company culture based on thoughtful values and an expansive vision is meaningless if it’s on a crumpled paper shoved in the back of a drawer. Creating a culture starts with how a new hire feels the minute they walk through the door and is established when that same employee reflects an organization’s values a year later.

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Here are three ways to combine onboarding with TikTok-style videos to create a culture that will attract and sustain employees:

1. Ease anxiety and set the tone by allowing new hires to experience their work environment and meet their colleagues before their tenure officially starts. Create a TikTok-style video that gives an office tour or interviews a few key executives.

2. Design a teachable moment that communicates your company’s values and mission so that every new hire feels included in the vision from day one.

3. To build trust and motivation, help them envision a future with your organization by sharing inspiring workplace journeys or giving an overview of your company’s history and evolution over time.

2. Compliance: Don’t Let the First Day on the Job Be Overshadowed by Filling Out Forms

Onboarding can be chaotic and confusing if you’re trying to figure it out along with your new hire. Creating a standard operating procedure will reduce the time and frustration spent on onboarding and streamline the process for your newest team member.

Woman filling out forms

Let’s be honest, rules, obligations, and paperwork aren’t the most exciting. But getting creative with instructional videos that complement informational documents, checklists, and required reading will be a welcome reprieve and make the process feel more manageable.

Here are some topics that might be conducive to the TikTok-style employee onboarding of learning:

  • An overview of the new hire paperwork that needs to be completed
  • Expectations for virtual and in-person participation for companies utilizing a hybrid model
  • Highlights from the employee handbook
  • A showcase of your company’s unique work perks or benefits
  • A video on the importance of continued learning and development in your industry or profession

3. Connection: Maximize Your Tools for Building Connections

Research shows that meaningful connection leads to increased engagement. Community is just as important as the technical aspect of any employee’s experience.

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Here are 3 video ideas to spark a connection in your organization:

1. Create a short-form video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at an employee’s life in your company or a video that gives tips on how to effectively communicate with co-workers specific to your company’s culture and environment.

2. Mentorship is key, but it doesn’t always feel expedient for the mentor. TikTok-style videos can be an excellent supplement for making mentorship more efficient. Create a series of bite-sized videos that answer FAQs, clarify often-used processes, or even offer encouragement as new hires navigate this overwhelming process.

3. Get your new hires involved in your company’s best practices by asking them to create a 60-second “getting to know you” video that can be circulated to key staff if setting up those one-on-one meetings isn’t immediately possible.

4. Clarification: Invest in the Basics to Bolster Performance Expectations

Learning the basics isn’t always the most fun introduction to a new job. And managers aren’t always available to answer questions. Employee onboarding is the perfect reason to start a library of FAQs videos. Having an easily accessible place for new hires to consult after the training wheels come off will save time for managers and preserve confidence for employees who might feel embarrassed to ask questions.

Three building blocks with the words back to basics on them

Consider these three video topics to get you started:

1. A tutorial on using new software or tool.

2. A video on how to prepare for weekly team meetings.

3. Tips and tricks on generating a monthly report.

5. Confidence: Help Your New Hire Feel Like They Can Do the Job Well

Onboarding can often feel overwhelming and send a new hire home feeling torn down instead of built up.

Confident man at work smiling at the camera

Consider these three bite-sized video ideas as ways to infuse the onboarding process with self-esteem boosts.

1. Tell a new hire what they bring to the table and why you’re excited they’re here. Highlight the strengths that you hope to see them flex and the areas that you hope to provide growth opportunities for them. This will be a great tool for them to continue checking back with and ensuring they’re meeting the mark.

2. Create a video designed to check in with a new hire at the 30-day mark. Ensure that they haven’t been lost in the onboarding process and that you are still committed to helping them acclimate to their new role.

3. Build confidence by helping your new hire be a rockstar in their role. Produce a video that bolsters a specific area, like how to effectively manage your time at work, or provide expert knowledge, like a tutorial on a new skill relevant to your industry.

Rethinking Employee Onboarding Video Strategies Using TikTok

The onboarding process has grown leaps and bounds over the last few decades, from basic orientation to a fully-immersive talent management production. If you’re ready to revolutionize your employee onboarding approach by considering how the modern learner learns best, join us for the webinar Not Just for Dancing: How to Re-Onboard Your Employees Using TikTok Videos.

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Vanessa Alzate

Vanessa Alzate is the Founder and CEO of Anchored Training. She received a BA in both Communications and Political Science from Rutgers University and an MS in Corporate and Organizational Communication from Northeastern University. For over a decade, she has consulted with many mid-large organizations in industries ranging from pharmaceutical sales to fashion to develop training strategies tailored to each individual organization and team.

Throughout her career, Vanessa has excelled in assisting companies and individuals to expand their industry knowledge through innovative eLearning and classroom curriculum, while continuing to add consistently to her own education and training. She is passionate about keeping learners at the forefront of all learning initiatives and finding new and inventive ways to active, collaborate with, and engage learners empowering them to grow personally and professionally.

Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn, TikTokInstagram, and Youtube.

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